Vintage 1930s Water Works deed

Water Works is the second of the two Utilities, and has the exact same values as the Electric Company, the only difference being position. Interesting to note is that the Electric Co. is 2 spaces away from Jail, and Water Works is 2 spaces away from Go To Jail.


Water Works
Game Monopoly
Color Group Utility
Other Properties in set
Cost $150
Rent 4x Dice Roll
If 2 are owned 10x Dice Roll
Mortgage Value $75

If ONE Utility is owned, rent is 4x the amount shown on the dice when the opponent rolled, but if BOTH Utilities are owned, rent is 10x the amount shown on the dice.


The only thing different from the Electric Co. is position on the board. The average rent is only $28 ($70 if you also own the Electric Co.). However, it is quick to pay for itself--once three players have landed on it, the rent plus the mortgage value exceeds your initial investment--so it is still worth buying if you get the chance.


This space has many variations:

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