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Virginia Avenue
Rent $12.
     With 1 House $60.
     With 2 Houses  $180.
     With 3 Houses  $500.
     With 4 Houses  $700.
With HOTEL $900

Mortgage Value $80.
Houses cost $100. each
Hotels, $100. plus 4 houses

If a player owns ALL the lots of any Color-Group, the rent is Doubled on Unimproved Lots in that group.

Virginia Avenue is the last of the pink properties and as such has slightly higher rents and prices than St. Charles Place and States Avenue. In Atlantic City, Virginia Avenue was the favorite place of the famous and nearly-famous.


  • Alone: $12
  • Monopoly: $24
  • With Houses:
    • 1 House: $60
    • 2 Houses: $180
    • 3 Houses: $500
    • 4 Houses: $700
    • 1 Hotel: $900


  • Printed Price: $160
  • Morgage Value: $80
  • Building Costs: $100 each

Mega Edition

In the Mega Edition, Skyscraper rent is $1400.


This property is the only one in the set that could be landed on from jail if rolling doubles (outside of rolling 6-6 and the St. Charles Place Chance card being on top in the standard version), but its rent is not much less than the Oranges (never more than $50 less than the two lower Oranges). Buy and build to a hotel as quick as possible to bankrupt the others.