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Vermont Avenue
Rent $6.
     With 1 House $30.
     With 2 Houses  $90.
     With 3 Houses  $270.
     With 4 Houses  $400.
With HOTEL $550

Mortgage Value $50.
Houses cost $50. each
Hotels, $50. plus 4 houses

If a player owns ALL the lots of any Color-Group, the rent is Doubled on Unimproved Lots in that group.

Vermont Avenue is the second of the Light Blue properties in Monopoly. Situated between Chance and Connecticut Avenue, it has the exact same prices and rents as Oriental Avenue.


  • Alone: $6
  • Monopoly: $12

Rents with Houses:

  • 1 House: $30
  • 2 Houses: $90
  • 3 Houses: $270
  • 4 Houses: $400
  • 1 Hotel: $550


  • Printed Price: $100
  • Mortgage Value: $50
  • Building Costs: $50 each

Mega Edition

In the Mega Edition, Skyscraper rent is $1050.

Monopoly Deal Prices and Rents

See Oriental Avenue.

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"Vermont Avenue and the whole Light Blue Set have get rent prices. What's also nice is that it is only $50 per house!"


Vermont, like Oriental, is a good deal and can decide a game. It is cheap, relatively inexpensive, and serves as a good source of cash once 1 hotel is built.

Vermont has the second-highest ROI (return on investment) in the game with a hotel, tied with Oriental Avenue. You receive $550 with the hotel and you pay $350 to build it up ($100 to purchase it initially and $250 worth of improvements). That's a $200 profit and a 157% ROI.