Monopoly Wiki

Y'all may have noticed the strange surge in activity in recent days; reason is simple; my PC's hard drive crashed and I almost lost a gazillion files... including a boondongle of files for pagebuilding on this wiki.

Yes. Those are real numbers.

So... I managed to save the hard drive (now it's an external drive) and its files (I did say "almost") and have decided to institute a contingency plan to A) save all the stuff I've done so far, B) feed this beast known as the Monopoly Wiki, C) make things manageable for me (I've heard rumours of something called "a life outside the internet"... ), I'll be building new pages one at a time in small, bite-sized blocks; creating a page with what I've got at hand and later fill it out and clean it up as data and time allow... also giving plenty of room for others to stretch their wings in editing.

Unfortunately, that means that, at least for the time being, some pages ain't gonna be as purdy as the could and there will be broken links and near-orphan categories, but I am going to do my darndest to purdify 'em, fix 'em and have 'em presentable ASAP.

Have a variant not on the list? Feel free to add it in; I'm doing everything I can to keep the list as accurate as possible.

Want an article that's not a boardgame variant? post the request on the Requested Articles page and I (or somebody else) will get on it!

I'm sure that together, pretty soon we're going to get this wiki ship-shape.

Now, where the heck did I drop that speed die?

--Sings-With-Spirits (talk) 16:25, March 18, 2013 (UTC)