I always liked the tokens in the Monopoly game. All the other games have plain old boring pegs, or cardboard "paper doll" tokens which bent too easily. The durability and variety of the Monopoly tokens made them more enduring. You could play the horse one game and the dog the next, unless someone else always snatched up their favorite. For Mom it was the horse, while Dad got the car. Every once in awhile I'd get the horse, but I got to choose from the others most of the time. I played them all,however I liked however some tokens were easier to move than others, so I used those more often. Our choices were: car, horse, iron, wheelbarrow, dog, thimble, hat, and shoe.

Since then, dozens of editions with as many different tokens have been produced. My wishlist may include two or three dozen editions, but I would like to have a collection of just tokens - as many as were made if possible. But I know that isn't likely, so I'll settle for those I can find and afford.

  • Tokens, tokens, and more tokens...
  • What color you want that hotel?
  • Golden tokens
  • Some of the regular edition tokens
  • Another set of golden tokens
  • Hobbit Edition tokens
  • Star Wars Edition tokens
  • MLB Edition tokens
  • Zelda Edition tokens
  • Some Disney tokens
  • recent tokens
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Edition tokens