I got Monopoly City yesterday. It is THE best edition I've seen so far. I had my friend Chris over and we played a game of it. He ended up going good at the beginning, then as I added buildings he hit a few high-rent districts (I was almost broke!), he lost a ton of cash and had to mortgage. Then he hit a district he probably couldn't pay off. I say "probably," because I didn't find out. HE RAGE QUIT! UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE! He swiped every building down and tossed his money at the bank! He even had the Monopoly Tower! He then proceeded to hurl some of the buildings in the direction of my head at fairly high (but non-harmful) velocity. And then he went on a Team-Killing spree in Star Wars: Battlefront. He thinks oddly occasionally. Note to self: place him on the other side of a bullet-proof window when playing Monopoly. And don't be near him in a multiplayer with friendly fire on.