I was minding my own business, watching my favorite show, Jeopardy! Right in the middle of it, NBC puts out a "special news bulletin" and cuts Jeopardy off. Just because they say it involves the president doesn't mean I have to care (especially in these next 4-8 years)! I don't care about it! I just want to watch Jeopardy! Thanks a lot, NBC! I am NEVER watching your news, EVER! You stopped my Jeopardy, now you will pay... because I WILL NOT WATCH YOU! MUHAHAHA!

Seriously, show something I actually want to see next time you interrupt Jeopardy. Do you think I want to see the president? Do you think I even want to hear about him? The answer is NO. Get that through your thick craniums, NBC. All I wanted to do was watch my favorite (occasionally educational) show, but NOOO, you had to say something "urgent." If something happens in the ol' DC, do you think I care?