Monopoly Wiki

This is Gerald Sena, a huge Monopoly fan.

I love to write articles about the things that I love, so Fandom is for me. One of the things that I love is Monopoly. I love Monopoly because I just love this game. I have many editions & versions of Monopoly, so I will be expected to write a lot. I know the rules by heart, so I can do writing with my own wisdom.

My Mission

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My goal (and all of the users in the Monopoly Wiki) is to make the Monopoly Wiki the most comprehensive and the most interesting that every Monopoly fans (like myself and all of us) will be looking at. I will have a lot of things in my mind, so I will exploit them at times.

I follow the mission of Monopoly Wiki. However, when I have looked at this wiki, it seems that there are many missing things. Therefore, I will fill these gaps to align closer to the true mission of Monopoly Wiki.

My Style of Writing

Paraphrasing for Search Engines

Usually, I like to write in my own words (paraphrasing). Writing exactly word-by-word in a source or a Monopoly game guide is not the best because it does not have any added value.

Take Advance to Boardwalk for example. Although it has the external web links to the game guides, I do not copy the words exactly from those game guides into this Monopoly Wiki.

Paraphrasing has the added value because the search engines use their web crawlers and will look into different results from different websites, and that makes a huge difference on whether that these web crawlers have found Monopoly Wiki in Fandom.

Fixing Mistakes Immediately

I'm an attention-to-detail guy, so it is possible that there are misspellings and grammatical mistakes in this wiki. I will fix them as soon as I see them.

Getting to Many Existing Articles

I will go through many articles to see if there is something to fix and/or add. If I see something that can improve the quality of any wikis, I will do it without hesitation. Monopoly Wiki is a reference, so I will get it to be on what it meant to be.

Existing Articles I Do

I have interests and knowledge in fixing these articles. I will show the percentage of completion.

I will do the "Random page" to select an article for me to improve potentially.

I will go through one article (or several articles) at a time per day to improve potentially.

My Created Articles

I have created these articles (the percentage of completion is also shown):

I will build more articles occasionally as the time passes to make this Monopoly Wiki more comprehensive for everybody.

There will be a new article created by me every month in 2021. My new article will not appear every week (like it used to), but it will appear every month.

Other Things

I have joined BoardGameGeek on December 19, 2020. I will contribute my own thoughts into that website as well.

I have been contributed to BoardGameGeek every December in both 2020 and 2021. I will keep on going to that website like every month (1, 2, or more times).

My mind is so unique that all people will not see it until I expose it to them.

Here's my own quote:

"I can make good things even better."

I will apply this quote of mine to both Monopoly Wiki and BoardGameGeek.

My Career

I'm an accountant that loves numbers and the successes of businesses. I also love QuickBooks because I know how to use it "with my eyes closed".

Accounting is a busy career, so I may not be in Fandom until at 5 p.m. the earliest (6:30 p.m. mostly). I will be available most of the time in most weekends.

This career does have relationships with Monopoly. I know most of the business words from Monopoly (bankruptcy, assets, mortgages). This career makes me feel like a better Monopoly fan.

Goal of Monopoly Wiki

Eventually, Monopoly Wiki is going to be more comprehensive and more interesting with my extensive knowledge (and anybody's knowledge as well).

At the end of 2021, there are almost 750 articles total. This is a very good growth. I will expect the number of articles to grow to 800+ at the end of 2022.

I will contribute a lot to this wiki to get to the goal. I'm already appreciated for 2021 about the other users (including the admins) to also contribute greatly to make Monopoly Wiki even better.


Gerald Sena

Joined on November 19, 2020