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A trade is a transaction wherein a player may exchange owned assets with another player. Players may trade properties, cash, and/or Get Out of Jail Free cards.

You can trade when it is your turn or anybody else's turn. Also, you can trade while you are in Jail.

Transactions with the Bank are not considered trades.


The following assets are tradable:

The following assets are usually NOT tradable:

Before trading properties, they must be cleared of these buildings.

  • EXCEPTION: Complete color sets of properties may be traded with all improvements intact.

When the player receives a property that is currently mortgaged, they have to do any of these 2 choices.

  • Unmortgage that property, and pay the Bank 110% of the mortgage value (100% + 10%).
  • Keep that property mortgaged, but pay the Bank just 10% of the mortgage value.
    • Later, if the player wants to unmortgage that property, they have to pay the Bank 110% of the mortgage value.

If the player receives multiple mortgaged properties in one trade, they have to do any of the 2 choices on all of them.


A player starting and making the offer is called the offeror. A player that an offeror speaks to and wants to trade with is called the offeree.

As an offeror, you select your assets that you want to give away to the offeree in exchange for the offeree's assets. When the offer has been made, the offeree has 3 choices.

  • Accept the offer, and the trade is made. DEAL
  • Decline the offer, and the offer is discarded. NO DEAL
  • Make the counteroffer.

When the offeree makes the counteroffer, they will modify and adjust the existing offer. They can select and deselect the assets (theirs or yours). They can also adjust the amount of cash (from yours likely). After they are done with the counteroffer, you (the original offeror) have the same 3 choices.

Forced Trade

In some editions of Monopoly, there is such thing as a "forced trade". A forced trade is a transaction that you, the original trader, forces another player (chosen by you) to give away one of their properties to you for one of your properties. Your chosen player CANNOT refuse or decline a forced trade just made.

A forced trade can be made in only these ways: