• According to the rules:

    "Immediately AFTER throwing the dice for his/her third turn, a player must pay a $50 fine unless he rolls Doubles. He then comes out and immediately moves forward from the Jail the number of spaces shown by his/her roll."

    What happens if the player has less than $50 (and no properties to mortgage) after the third turn? Does the player go bankrupt, and have to quit the game?

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    • Yes.

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    • I should add that there may still be options. Such a player could:

      • sell off buildings to raise the needed money... assuming you have buildings to sell back to the bank...
      • sell/trade a mortgaged property to another player in order to raise the required money... good luck.
      • trade for/buy a "get out of jail" card from another player... assuming the other player A) has one and B) is willing to part with it for whatever the jailed player can offer... good luck.
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