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The Bank is central to the Monopoly game: it stores money, pays salary for passing Go, and, of course, exchanges money with players. The Bank is run ONLY by the Banker, who is elected at the start of a game.

Duties of The Bank and Banker

  • Holds ALL money not in possession of the players
  • Ensure that players start with the proper amount of money.
  • Give money to players, provided payment is due to them
  • Receive money from players, provided payment is due from them
  • Give out mortgage loans (and receive interest on said loans)
  • Run Auctions
  • Oversee Trades
  • Hold all Title Deeds until they are bought or won in auctions
  • Holds houses and hotels until they are bought
  • Receive ALL fines from Chance and Community Chest cards
  • Receive Jail fines

Other Notes

  • The Bank never goes broke. If there are no more banknotes in the Bank, more may be added by writing on paper, using alternative forms of currency, or by simply recording each player's funds on paper.
  • Trivia: Parker Brothers once sent $1,000,000 in Monopoly money to a marathon game in Pittsburgh that ran totally out!