The 70's: "A game for your generation" is a Monopoly-based "opoly" variant on the classic game published in 2000 by Late for the Sky and centered around the decade of the 1970's.


Keep On Truckin' directly to the disco. Do not Have A Nice Day; do not collect $200. If you were expecting a Studio 54 thousand-dollar, question- and-answer trivia test in a box, The 70's: A Game for Your Generation is bound to sink your mood faster than would a Jordache-clad derrière in a bean bag chair. What the folks at Late for the Sky here present is a blatant copy of a certain classic real estate trading game all dressed up in hot pants and a leisure suit. Players still race their tokens around the board amassing deeds and charging rent in an attempt to bankrupt the opponents. Any differences are all cosmetic: things like tiny metal Mood Ring and Pet Rock tokens; Baltic and Mediterranean avenues renamed "8 Tracks" and "CB Radios"; houses and hotels becoming "Blocks of Time" and "Decades." Diehard Monopoly fans may feel that with The 70's: A Game for Your Generation, Late for the Sky is just trying to "Do the Hustle."[1]



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