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The 60's: "A game for your generation" is a Monopoly-based "opoly" variant on the classic game published in 2000 by Late for the Sky and centered around the decade of the 1960's.

Publisher's Description

"The 60's a game for your generation. The decades... everybody's got a favorite. One that shaped a big part of who they are. One that made them feel groovy. Was yours the 60's? If so, trip down memory lane. This is the game for you! We researched the 60's and found what was fun-what was powerful-what was poignant. Considered one of the centuries most turbulent in decades, the 60's changed our would. Art went Pop. Fashion went Mod. Barbie got a boyfriend named Ken. Four British mop tops turned the music world upside down and Peace and Love reached its peak at Woodstock. A new generation jumped off the beaten path, did their own thing, and our world would never be the same.:
"Here's a quick idea of how to play the game. Buy property. Collect blocks of time and trade them in for a decade. It sounds easy enough-but you may have to do the twist or sing your favorite Beatles tune. As you protest, sit in, and deal with the IRS, it becomes a little more difficult and a lot more fun! So grab your token and advance to GO GO. Who knows? You may join the Establishment... or you may be on your way to a Bad Trip! Are you looking for a fun way to experience the Sixties? Dig it! Here it is!: