The .com Edition is a customized Monopoly board game published by Hasbro in 2000 that allows players to relive the highs and lows of the rise and fall of the ".com" market of the '90's.


Households and Offices replace Houses and Hotels, respectively.

"E-mail Just In" and "Download" replace the Chance and Community Chest cards, respectively.

The Railroads are replaced with Connectivity Providers: AT&T, Sprint, MCI WorldCom, and NOKIA.

The Utilities also change: Electric Company becomes Linux, and Water Works becomes Sun Microsystems.

ISP Fee replaces Luxury Tax, but Income Tax remains the same.



To match with the style, the pewter tokens have been changed to:

  • Computer system (monitor and tower)
  • Computer monitor (alone)
  • Online computer (with ".com" showing)
  • E-mail (hand holding envelope)
  • Mouse (animal)
  • Pixelated 3D hand (cursor icon)
  • Mr. Monopoly on the computer ("offline" token; see instructions link below for details)
  • Virus (microchip "bug")
  • Surfboard ("surfing the net")



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