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The .com Edition is a Monopoly board game published by Hasbro in 2000 that allows players to relive the highs and lows of the rise and fall of the ".com" market of the '90's. The houses and hotels are represented by households and offices, respectively.


Bags of Tokens[]

  • Computer system (monitor and tower)
  • Computer monitor (alone)
  • Online computer (with ".com" showing)
  • E-mail (hand holding envelope)
  • Mouse (animal)
  • Pixelated 3D hand (cursor icon)
  • Mr. Monopoly on the computer ("offline" token; see instructions link below for details)
  • Virus (microchip "bug")
  • Surfboard ("surfing the net")

Money Pack of 7 denominations[]

  • All the money are the same but the amount is 1,000,000 (1 Million) times more


The main properties in this game are various internet companies and websites.

The Board[]

Standard Monopoly: The .com Editon
Free Parking ($220 Million) E-mail Just In ($220 Million) ($240 Million) Sprint ($200 Million) E*TRADE ($260 Million) ($260 Million) Sun MicroSystems ($150 Million) CBS MarketWatch com ($280 Million) Go To Jail
Expedia.COM ($200 Million) Monopoly: The .com Edition Ask Jeeves ($300 Million)
eBAY ($180 Million) Alta Vista ($300 Million)
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Instructions on top card

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on top card ($180 Million) LYCOS ($320 Million)
MCI WorldCom ($200 Million) AT&T ($200 Million)
E! online ($160 Million) E-mail Just In ($140 Million) Excite@Home ($350 Million)
Linux ($150 Million) ISP Fee (Pay $75 Million) ($140 Million) YAHOO!($400 Million)
In Jail/Just Visiting E-mail Just In Nokia ($200 Million) Income Tax (Pay 10% or $200 Million) Download Follow Instructions

on top card

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Collect $200 Million salary as you pass ($120 Million) Oxygen ($100 Million) Yahoo! GeoCities ($100 Million) Fox ($60 Million) ($60 Million)




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