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Do not confuse with Electronic Banking Edition or Ultimate Banking Edition.

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking is a version of the classic game that the players use their electronic barcoded Bank cards to do any monetary transactions without paper money. This game can be played with 2-4 players.

Game Contents

  • Electronic Banking Unit (EBU)
    • Requires 3 AAA batteries to get it to work
    • It has the sensors to scan the barcodes from the cards
    • It has just 3 buttons
      • Checkmark
      • M
      • X
    • Tap (scan) the card to make the EBU read and work that card.
  • Gameboard
  • 4 Tokens
    • World Traveler - Yellow Car
    • Frequent Flyer - Blue Plane
    • Super Saver - Gray/White Safe
    • Big Spender - Red Shopping Bag
  • 4 Bank cards
    • These Bank cards have pictures to match the corresponding tokens.
  • 4 Reference cards
    • These Reference cards have the background colors to match the colors of the tokens.
  • 1 Die
    • Rolling doubles is not available for this game, so players will not have another action in their same turn.
      • Going to Jail is not possible by dice roll in this game.

There is no paper money. There are no Houses & Hotels to build. There is no selling or mortgaging.

The Players and their Rewards

Each player will take one token. Each token has a unique reward.

  • World Traveler (Yellow Car)
    • If you roll a 6, you will receive a $50 reward.
    • The World Traveler reference card is the only reference card that has the barcode.
      1. Tap the World Traveler reference card. The EBU will blink the car icon on display.
      2. Press the checkmark button to claim the reward. (Do not tap the World Traveler's Bank card; it will not work.)
  • Frequent Flyer (Blue Plane)
    • When you land on the Flight space and you want to use it, you will fly for free (instead of paying $100 for the other players).
  • Super Saver (Gray/White Safe)
    • If you land on the Chance space, you will receive a $50 bonus + any reward or punishment on a Chance card.
  • Big Spender (Red Shopping Bag)
    • If you are the first player to buy from a color group, you will get $50 back if you buy the property and pay the full purchase price.
      • This reward will work when there are 2 unowned properties in a color set.
    • If there is only 1 property left in a color set, this reward will not work.
    • Getting a property through an auction will not work.

Start of the Game

Turn on the Banking unit (EBU). The players have to scan their Bank cards to play. At least 2 Bank cards should be scanned in order to start playing. When the players are all set, press the checkmark button to start playing.

  • The EBU will not automatically start a game for you.
    • Even though all 4 Bank cards have been scanned.

If a player scans the wrong Bank card because they want the other token that they want to play, they can press the “X” button to undo one Bank card at a time.

  • You can undo all the Bank cards to start over.

You and the other players will each have $1,500 to start. You will get your corresponding reference card to match your token and Bank card. All players will place their tokens in the GO space.

The 20 Chance cards will be placed facedown (not showing the barcodes). The 16 Title Deed cards will be placed near their corresponding Property spaces.

The youngest player will start first. The play goes to the left (clockwise).

  • If desired, each player will roll the die to see who has the highest number.
  • Other arrangements can be agreeable by all players to see who goes first and the order of the players.


In a turn, a player will roll just 1 die. The token can move 1-6 spaces. A player will follow the instructions on the space that they land. After performing, the player's turn ends and the play passes to the left.



If you land on an unowned property, you can buy it or auction it.

  • You cannot decline both options.

If you land on a property owned by somebody else, you must pay the rent if they asked you to pay.

  • If you land on your own property, do nothing.

Chance space

Pick up the card on top of the pile. Read and scan the card. After using a card, put it on the bottom of the pile facedown.

    1. Read and then tap the Chance card.
    2. Tap your Bank card. The EBU will perform the instruction on the Chance card.
  • If you are the Super Saver, you will get the $50 bonus for landing the Chance space. Just follow the same procedure.
  • NOTE: If you obtain the "Get Out of Jail Free" Chance card, do not tap that card. Use and tap that card only if you want to get out of Jail.


When you land here, you can choose to take a flight to any property space.

  • If you choose to take a flight, you must pay $100.
    • If you are the Frequent Flyer, you do not have to pay.
    1. Press the "M" button. You have to press 4 times to see the Flight icon on display.
    2. When the Flight icon is displayed, tap your Bank card. If you are not the Frequent Flyer, $100 will be subtracted from your account.
    3. Move your token to any of the 16 property spaces, unowned or owned. Follow the instruction on the property space that you have landed.
  • If you do not want to take a flight, just stay in the Flight space and do nothing.
  • NOTE: You cannot collect $200 for passing GO while taking a flight.
  • You CANNOT land on any other spaces that are NOT property spaces (GO, Chance, Free Parking, etc.).

Forced Trade space

When you land this space (the picture showing both hands shaking), you can choose to make a forced trade.

  • If you want to make a trade, you and the selected player will each give 1 Property card to each other. The players involved cannot decline or cancel a forced trade just made.
  • If you do not want to trade, just stay there and do nothing.

Just Visiting / Jail

If you land in this corner space, place your token in the Just Visiting part. Do nothing.

Free Parking

Nothing will happen to you.

Go to Jail

If you land here, move your token to the Jail portion on the other side of the board.


If you reach GO, collect $200 from the Bank.

    1. Press the "M" button. Pressing the button just 1 time will display the arrow icon.
    2. When the arrow icon is displaying, tap your Bank card. The EBU will add $200 to your account.


The Streets are the only type of properties in this game. There are no Railroads or Utilities.


If you land on an unowned property, you can either buy or auction. (You cannot decline both.)


If you decide to buy, pay the amount shown on the board space and then the property is yours.

    1. Tap the corresponding property card.
    2. Tap your Bank card to purchase that property. The Bank will subtract the purchase price from your account. The property is yours.
  • If you are the Big Spender, you will get a $50 cashback if you meet the requirements.
    • There are 2 unowned properties in a color group, and the Big Spender is the first buyer for that color group.
      • If there is only 1 unowned property in a color group, the Big Spender will not get the $50 back.
    • The Big Spender should have enough money to cover the full purchase price of a property.
      • EXAMPLE: If the Big Spender has only $120 to buy a $150 property, it won't work.
    • A property cannot be auctioned.

If you decide not to buy or you do not have enough money to cover the purchase price, the property must be auctioned.

    1. Press the "M" button. You have to press 2 times to see the Auction icon (a gavel) on display.
    2. Tap the corresponding property card to be auctioned.
    3. Press the checkmark button to begin the auction. Any player, including a player that declined to buy, can bid.
    4. Bidding starts at $10. The first player that presses the "M" button will bid $10. For each "M" pressed by any player, the amount increases by $10. Players have 10 seconds to bid. If somebody presses the "M" button, the timer resets for another 10 seconds.
    5. When the time is up because nobody bids anymore, the auction will end. The player that presses the "M" button last will have to get the property at the final bidding amount. That player is the highest bidder.
    6. The highest bidder will tap their Bank card to get the property. The Bank will subtract the final bidding amount from their account. The property is theirs.
  • At the beginning of an auction, players have 30 seconds to initially bid. If nobody wants to bid and the 30 seconds have passed, the auction will end and the Bank will keep the property.
  • NOTE: If any of the players are in Jail when an auction is taking place, these players in Jail CANNOT bid.


If you land on a property owned by somebody else, you have to pay the rent (only if the owner ask you to pay).

    1. The owner taps their property card.
    2. You (paying the rent) tap your Bank card. The Bank will transfer the rent amount from your account to the owner's account.
  • If you land on a property that you own, just do nothing.
  • NOTE: If somebody lands on your property while you are in Jail, you CANNOT collect the rent.

The rent amount depends on whether you own 1 or 2 properties in a color set.

  • If you own just 1 property in a single color, the rent amount is half of that property's purchase price.
  • If you own all 2 properties in a single color, the rent amount for each of those properties is the same as the purchase price.

Forced Trade

When you land on the Forced Trade space, you may choose to swap properties between you and the other player. If you want to trade, follow the procedure.

    1. Press the "M" button. You have to press 5 times to see the Trade icon (both hands shaking) on the far right side of the display.
    2. Next, tap one property card from your chosen player in a trade. That player gives that card to you to own.
    3. Then, tap one of your property cards to give away to your same chosen player in a trade. You give that card to your chosen player. After this step, the forced trade is complete. The Bank will know the new owners of the properties being swapped.
  • Steps 2 & 3 in the PROCEDURE can be reversed, but you will get the same results.

NOTE: Normally, you can negotiate a trade in most editions of Monopoly.

  • HOWEVER, for this edition, you can trade only when you land on the Forced Trade space.
    • You CANNOT trade for any other reason in this game.


You go to Jail when any of these happen:

  • You land on the "Go to Jail" space. DO NOT collect $200 for passing GO.
  • A Chance card that says "GO TO JAIL".

While in Jail, you CANNOT:

  • Collect rent when somebody else lands on your property.
  • Take part in auctions.

However, you CAN be part of the forced trade if another player decides to forcefully trade with you.

If you want to get out of Jail, do any one of these 3 things:

  • (a) Pay $100 at the start of your next turn.
      1. Press the "M" button. You have to press 3 times to see the Jail icon (bars) on display.
      2. Tap your Bank card. The Bank will subtract $100 from your account.
  • (b) If you have a "Get Out of Jail Free" Chance card, you can use it on your next turn.
    • PROCEDURE: Just tap the "Get Out of Jail Free" card to use it. Then place that card back to the bottom of the Chance card pile. Tap your Bank card to complete the transaction.
      • DO NOT use the "M" button.
    • If you are the Super Saver, following the PROCEDURE will grant you a $50 Chance bonus when you are getting out of Jail by using the "Get Out of Jail Free" card.
    • You can still keep the "Get Out of Jail Free" card by doing (a) or (c) instead.
  • (c) Roll a 6 on your next turn. (Remember that this game has only 1 die to roll.)
    • If you successfully roll a 6, you get out of Jail for FREE. Then move your token 6 spaces forward.
      • DO NOT use the "M" button to get out of Jail. Doing that will cost you $100.
      • If you are the World Traveler, you CAN still get the $50 bonus for rolling a 6.
    • You have 3 turns to attempt to roll a 6.
      • If you fail to roll a 6 on your 3rd turn, you must get out of Jail and pay $100. Use that roll from your 3rd attempt to move your token. DO NOT re-roll.
        • The PROCEDURE in (a) is the same.
      • Before rolling on your second or third attempt, you can choose to get out of Jail by doing (a) or (b) instead.

In Debt & Bankruptcy

If you do not have enough money to cover the full rent or the punishment from a Chance card, you are in debt. The EBU will tell you that you have the negative amount in your account.

While you are in debt, you must sell any of your properties to the Bank to get the money.

    1. Tap any of your property cards to sell to the Bank. The Bank will add the amount of the purchase price of the property to your account. The Bank will keep the property.
    2. If you still have the negative on your account, repeat Step 1 until you have a positive or a $0 on your account.


If you have no properties remaining after following the selling PROCEDURE but you still have the negative on your account, you are technically bankrupt.

HOWEVER, unlike most editions of Monopoly, this edition will NOT kick you out of the game if you are bankrupt.

The Bank will clear the negative (debt) off your bank account to $0. Then, continue to play the game.

End of the Game

The game will end if all 16 properties are in the hands of the players.

  • One bankruptcy by a player will NOT end the game.
    • Also, bankruptcy will NOT get the player out of the game.

The EBU knows that all 16 properties have been purchased, so it will end the game. It will quickly calculate the total worth (money & properties) of all players. It will show the final totals of all players. The player with the highest total wealth wins the game. The EBU will show who wins the game.

Electronic Banking Unit (EBU)

Electronic Banking Unit (EBU)

The electronic EBU is required to play this game. The EBU has the display, scanning barcode sensor, display, sound, and the 3 buttons. Unlike the other electronic banking units that are like calculators in other editions, the EBU does not have slots or numeric buttons.

The EBU requires 3 AAA batteries to get it to work. The unit has 3 buttons: checkmark, “M”, and “X”. To turn the EBU on, press any button.

When turning on the EBU for the 1st time, the unit flashes the 4 token icons on display. The unit prompts the players to tap (scan) the Bank cards to join the game. If the Bank card is scanned, the unit will stop flashing the icon that corresponds to that Bank card. At least 2 players have to tap the Bank cards in order for the game to play. If the player taps the wrong Bank card, they can undo by pressing the “X” button and the unit will flash the incorrect icon. When the players are done scanning, they press the checkmark button to start the game.

The EBU knows how much money that the players have and what properties owned by each player. The EBU does not have to be turn off because it will go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity to save the battery power. Also, it will save the game progress. To turn the unit back on, press any button and the game resumes to that same progress.

Sometimes, players make mistakes. If you make a mistake, you can undo the mistaken transaction.

You can undo only the single most recent transaction.

  • That means that the other past transactions are already been made and cannot be undone.

To undo, press & hold the “M” and the “X” buttons for 5 seconds. Once the EBU blinks, let go of these buttons for the undo to take effect.

The two most common mistakes are:

  • Collecting rent while you are in Jail
    • This is in huge contrast from most editions of Monopoly.
  • Getting out of Jail for free by rolling a 6
    • DO NOT use the "M" button to get out of Jail. Doing that will cost you $100, so you have to undo that.

You can adjust the volume of the EBU. To adjust, press both the checkmark and the "X" buttons at the same time. The screen will show the small circles. These circles represent the level of volume. By default, 4 circles are shown. There are 4 volume levels to adjust; the softest volume has just 1 circle shown.

To adjust:

  • Press the checkmark button to adjust upwards.
  • Press the "X" button to adjust downwards.

NOTE: You cannot mute (no sounds) the EBU.

Once you are satisfied, press the "M" button to confirm the setting.

When all 16 properties have been obtained by the players, the EBU will end the game. Once the game ends, the EBU will calculate the final scores of all the players. The final scores consist of cash at current value and properties at purchase prices. The player with the highest final score will win the game. The EBU will show the winner.

To reset (or to start a game all over), press & hold the “X” button for 5 seconds. The game progress will be lost and cannot be retrieved.