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The 3 types of properties are streets, railroads, and utilities.

The streets can be filled with houses & hotels. Since railroads and utilities are not streets, they cannot have buildings on them.

A street is one of the 3 types of properties in Monopoly. The other 2 types are railroads and utilities. A street is the only type that the houses & hotels can be built on it. In the traditional Monopoly, there are 22 streets in total.

In the traditional Monopoly board, there are the total of 40 spaces. Out of these 40 spaces, 22 of them are streets (more than half, or 55%). Each street has the color strip on its own space where the houses & hotels can be placed. Three or two streets share a same color. Six or five streets are on a same side of the 4 sides of the board. As the players go around the board from GO, the streets are getting more expensive to buy but more valuable for collecting rent.

Owning just 1 street in a color group is not enough because you are limited to the basic rent of the unimproved lot for that empty street. To improve a street, you need to build houses & hotels that will drive the rents up. In order for you to build, you must own all the streets in a color group.

A street can be mortgaged for half the purchase price. If any street is mortgaged, you cannot build any further in that street's color group. If there are buildings in the streets in that color group, you must sell all of these buildings first before you mortgage any street in that color. You can unmortgage a street. All the streets in a color group must be unmortgaged in order for you to build once again.

Lists of Streets in Monopoly

US/UK Versions

The streets in the Monopoly US Version are based in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The streets in the Monopoly UK Version are the places in London, England.

The list is in order that the players go around the board started from GO. The name on the left is a street from the US version while the name on the right is the equivalent street from the UK version.

  1. Mediterranean Avenue / Old Kent Road
  2. Baltic Avenue / Whitechapel Road
  3. Oriental Avenue / The Angel, Islington
  4. Vermont Avenue / Euston Road
  5. Connecticut Avenue / Pentonville Road
  6. St. Charles Place / Pall Mall
  7. States Avenue / Whitehall
  8. Virginia Avenue / Northumberland Avenue
  9. St. James Place / Bow Street
  10. Tennessee Avenue / Marlborough Street
  11. New York Avenue / Vine Street
  12. Kentucky Avenue / Strand
  13. Indiana Avenue / Fleet Street
  14. Illinois Avenue / Trafalgar Square
  15. Atlantic Avenue / Leicester Square
  16. Ventnor Avenue / Coventry Street
  17. Marvin Gardens / Piccadilly
  18. Pacific Avenue / Regent Street
  19. North Carolina Avenue / Oxford Street
  20. Pennsylvania Avenue / Bond Street
  21. Park Place / Park Lane
  22. Boardwalk / Mayfair

Mega Edition

A street with an asterisk (*) is an addition into Monopoly: The Mega Edition.

  1. Mediterranean Avenue
  2. Baltic Avenue
  3. * Arctic Avenue
  4. * Massachusetts Avenue
  5. Oriental Avenue
  6. Vermont Avenue
  7. Connecticut Avenue
  8. * Maryland Avenue
  9. St. Charles Place
  10. States Avenue
  11. Virginia Avenue
  12. St. James Place
  13. Tennessee Avenue
  14. New York Avenue
  15. * New Jersey Avenue
  16. Kentucky Avenue
  17. Indiana Avenue
  18. Illinois Avenue
  19. * Michigan Avenue
  20. Atlantic Avenue
  21. Ventnor Avenue
  22. Marvin Gardens
  23. * California Avenue
  24. Pacific Avenue
  25. * South Carolina Avenue
  26. North Carolina Avenue
  27. Pennsylvania Avenue
  28. * Florida Avenue
  29. Park Place
  30. Boardwalk