Monopoly sig tok coll ed

Monopoly: Signature Token Edition is a version of the classic boardgame published by Hasbro in 2017, featuring a collection of sixty-four official Tokens.

This version of Monopoly comes in a silver tin. The rules for Monopoly are unchanged. The board, and community chest /chance cards, are black with gold print. The hotels are gold colored and the houses are silver colored, which are stored in a cloth bag. Contains 64 tokens, 56 gold and 8 silver. The money is updated with the signature collection "M" logo.

  • Features 64 tokens
  • Premium packaging
  • Can be used as display case and storage
  • Classic Monopoly gameplay
  • Features premium cloth bag for storing houses and hotels
  • Includes storage tin, gameboard, 64 tokens, 28 Title Deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, Monopoly money pack, 32 wooden houses, 12 wooden hotels, 2 dice, cloth storage bag, and game guide

Publishers Description

Enjoy the Monopoly game in style! This Signature Token Collection Monopoly game features classic Monopoly gameplay with beautifully crafted components. The collectible version of the Monopoly game features foil accents, golden and silver finishes, wooden houses and hotels, plus 64 tokens. Monopoly fans can enjoy everything they love about the game and also use the decorated tin as a storage and display case. Game includes a premium cloth bag adorned with a golden Monopoly emblem for storing the wooden houses and hotels, or other game items. Display the 64 tokens in their original packaging, or store all components in the tin embossed with the Monopoly game crest.


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