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Short Line


$ 25.
     If 2 R.R.'s are owned $ 50.
     If 3 R.R's are owned                  $ 100.
     If 4 R.R's are owned                  $ 200.

     Mortgage Value


Short Line is one of the four Railroads in the standard US board and is placed between Chance and Pennsylvania Avenue. It is based on the historic Shore Fast Line.

Its British equivalent is Liverpool Street Station.


Like the other three railroads, Short Line's Rent is:

  • 1 Railroad Owned: $25
  • 2 Railroads Owned: $50
  • 3 Railroads Owned: $100
  • 4 Railroads Owned: $200.

COST: $200


Since it is by far the least to be landed on of the 4 railroads (due to the combination of Go To Jail just 5 spaces away and the Chance being the next space, with the previous one between the Red properities for B. & O. Railroad, thus it is the only one that can't be landed on from a chance card), it is not as valuable unless you have 3 or 4 railroads. If you don't have any railroads, it might be better off trading it for a Orange or Magenta if desired.