Monopoly: Sephora Edition is an officially licensed version of the classic Monopoly boardgame featuring the French beauty and cosmetics powerhouse Sephora.


Monopoly Sephora Edition

“Buy, sell and trade Sephora beauty products as you vie to own your very own Sephora store.”


Monopoly Sephora Edition title deeds

Properties and their corresponding Title Deeds are all Sephora beauty products; all monetary values remain the same. • Railroads are now Sephora Experts. • Luxury Tax is now Primping Tax and Income Tax is now City Tax. • Houses are now Sephora Bags while Hotels are now Sephora Stores.


Monopoly Sephora Edition tokens buildings
  • blow dryer
  • compact
  • lipstick
  • mascara
  • mirror
  • powder brush


Monopoly Sephora Edition money

Dollars are now Beauty Bucks with a custom look to the banknotes, but the denominations remain the same.


Monopoly Sephora Edition board
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