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The four Railroads are fairly lucrative properties. They have the highest visitation frequency (64%) and rank 7th out of 10 in payoff percentage.

2007 PC SET9

2007 PC Version

List of Railroads[]

Other Boards[]

  • Here and Now Edition (2006) (Replaced by Airports)
    • O'Hare International Airport
    • Los Angeles International Airport
    • John F. Kennedy International Airport
    • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Here & Now: The World Edition (2008) (Replaced by Transportations)
    • Monopoly Rail
    • Monopoly Air
    • Monopoly Cruise
    • Monopoly Space
  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition
    • The First Doctor's Tardis
    • The Fifth Doctor's Tardis
    • The Tenth Doctor's Tardis
    • The Eleventh Doctor's Tardis
  • My Little Pony Edition
    • Friendship Express
    • Hot Air Balloon
    • Zeppelin
    • Royal Chariot
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Edition
    • Slifer the Sky Dragon
    • Obelisk the Tormentor
    • The Winged Dragon of Ra
    • Holactie the Creator of Light


Rent starts at $25, then doubles for every other Railroad owned on the board:

  • 1 RR: $25
  • 2 RR: $50
  • 3 RR: $100
  • 4 RR: $200

Building a Train Station on a Railroad for $100 in Mega Edition doubles the rent stated above. If you draw a specific card in Chance, the rent price doubles so 1 RR is $50, 2 RR is $100, 3 RR is $200, and 4 RR is $400. However, in the Mega version, if the next railroad has a Train Station, the cost is now up to a massive $800!

Also note that mortgaged stations do not affect rent - if they land on an unmortgaged station and you've got 2 mortgaged, 2 not, they still have to pay the full $200.

Not all railroad stations are needed to purchase a train station or depot.


  • Printed Price: $200 each
  • Mortgage Value: $100 each


The Railroads are extremely good to own. They are a steady source of cash and can temporarily stop an opponent from building with all 4 of them together. Due to their positioning (5th position on each side of the board), one is always at risk for landing on a railroad whether via dice roll or by a Chance/Community Chest card.


  • The Pennsylvania, B&O, and Reading railroads were actual railroads that operated on the East Coast. The PRR and Reading are now part of Norfolk Southern (Formerly the two were part of Conrail) and the B&O is now part of CSX. The Shore Fast Line ceased operations in 1948.