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Monopoly: Pokemon Collector's Edition is a licensed variant of the classic boardgame first published in 1999 by Parker Brothers, with subsequent editions published by Hasbro and USAopoly.

New Rules

New rules are added for doubles:

  • 2 Ones: Move to ANY space on the board.[1][2]
  • 2 Twos: Receive $200 from the bank.
  • 2 Threes: Receive $50 from each player.
  • 2 Fours: Draw a Professor Oak (Chance) Card.
  • 2 Fives: Draw a Trainer Battle (Comm. Chest) Card.
  • 2 Sixes: Pick ONE opponent that owns a property. Pick ONE of their properties. Both players roll the dice. If your opponent has a higher roll, they keep the property, but if you have a higher roll, you get the property immediately. If you both tie, you re-roll. You CANNOT break up a complete color-group this way, even if it is unimproved or mortgaged.


Monopoly Pokemon Tokens colour.jpg

The tokens (non-pewter) are of Generation I Pokemon (the first 151). They are:

    • 1: Bulbasaur
    • 4: Charmander
    • 9: Blastoise
    • 25: Pikachu
    • 36: Clefairy
    • 150: Mewtwo

Monopoly Pokemon Tokens metal.jpg

Pokemon in Pewter token edition are also of Generation I Pokemon (the first 151). They are:

    • 4: Charmander
    • 25: Pikachu
    • 52: Meowth
    • 54: Psyduck
    • 61: Poliwhirl
    • 143: Snorlax


  • "Poke Money" is used instead of dollars.
  • Professor Oak and Trainer Battle cards are used in place of Chance and Community Chest cards, respectively.
  • All the spaces contain the Pokemon and their respective numbers and act in the same way as the original game's Title Deeds, and all values remain the same.
  • If you catch all the Pokemon of a gym (i.e. own the lots for a color group), you earn the badge for that gym. You can improve these by building Poke Marts and Poke Centers which replace the houses and hotels, respectively.
  • The railroads are replaced by 4 Poke Balls.


  1. If you pass GO, collect $200.
  2. You cannot teleport yourself to Jail.

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