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The Nintendo Monopoly Collector's Edition is a Monopoly board game featuring characters, items, and merchandise from many of Nintendo's most famous video game franchises, with particular emphasis on the Super Mario Bros. franchise. It was first released in 2006 by USAopoly, with multiple re-releases in the years since.


Houses and Hotels[]

The 32 houses have been changed to Power-ups and all 12 hotels have been changed to Invincibility.


All money has been changed to feature Mario posing in different ways, while keeping the denominations the same.


All Properties have been changed so that each Color Group represents a different Nintendo Franchise


The four Railroads have been renamed Vehicles, and represent various modes of transportation in the Nintendo universe.


Chance and Community Chest cards[]

The Chance cards have been changed to "?" Blocks with a red background, while the The Community Chest cards have been changed to Coin Blocks with a green background.

? Blocks[]

  • Jump Into a Warp Pipe - Advance to Go (Collect $200)
  • Take a Trip to DreamLand - Advance to Meta Knight (If you pass Go, Collect $200)
  • "I'm Sorry But Your Princess Is In Another Castle" - Advance to Yoshi
  • Advance token to the nearest Vehicle and pay owner Twice the Rental to which he/she is otherwise entitled. If Vehicle is UNOWNED, you may buy it from the Bank (there are 2 of these cards).
  • Advance token to Piranha Plant or Warp Pipe, whichever is nearest. If UNOWNED, you may buy it from the Bank. If OWNED, throw dice and pay owner a total ten times the amount thrown.
  • Turn off Your System Before Saving Your Game - Go Back 3 Spaces
  • Find a Dungeon Key - Get out of Jail Free (card)
  • Caught Selling Counterfeit Software - GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL - Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200
  • Pay Bowser Tax of $15
  • Take a Spin in The Kart - Advance to Mario Kart - If You Pass Go Collect $200
  • Save the Mushroom Kingdom - Advance to Mario
  • Coin Block Pays You Bonus of $50
  • You Saved the Princess - Collect $150
  • You Have Been Elected Player of the Year - Pay Each Player $50
  • Make Progress On Each of Your Games - For Each Power-Up pay $25/For Each Invincibility $100

Coin Blocks[]

  • Buy a New Suit - Pay $100
  • Renew Kart License - Pay $150
  • Bank Error in Your Favor - Collect $200
  • Get out of Jail Free (card)
  • Go To Jail
  • Lose Boss Battle - Pay $40 per Power-up/$115 per Invincibility
  • Purchase a Wing Cap - Pay $50
  • Use the Warp Whistle - Advance to Go (Collect $200)
  • Organize a Mario Party - Collect $50 from every player
  • Hit Top of Flag Pole - Collect $20
  • Receive for Medical Services - Collect $25
  • Player's Choice Award - You get $45
  • Win Tennis Tournament - Collect $100
  • Win Golf Tournament - Collect $100
  • Voted Most Popular Plumber - Collect $10
  • You Inherit a Castle - Collect $100


Monopoly Nintendo Tokens

The pewter tokens are:

  • A Koopa Shell
  • An NES Controller
  • Mario's Hat
  • Donkey Kong's Barrel
  • Link's Iron Boots
  • Link's Hylian Shield


Nintendo Monopoly Collector's Edition game board layout
Free Parking Toad
? Block Princess Peach
Dixie Kong
Diddy Kong
Warp Pipe
Donkey Kong
Go To Jail
Samus Aran
   Monopoly    Ganondorf
Coin Block Coin Block
Blue Falcon
   ? Block
King Dedede
Piranha Plant
Treasure Chest Deposit
(Pay $75)
Meta Knight
Jail/Just Visiting       ? Block    Mario Kart
(Pay $200 or 10%)
   Coin Block    GO
Collect $200 salary
Fox McCloud / Tom Nook
Falco Lombardi / K.K. Slider
Slippy Toad / Rosie


There were at least 3 versions published by USAopoly.