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Mr. Monopoly tipping his hat

Mr. Monopoly, originally known as Rich Uncle Milburn Pennybags, is the long-standing mascot of Parker Brothers' (later Hasbro's) classic Monopoly game.


Arguably the most recognizable board game icon in the world, Mr. Monopoly has been a guest in almost every family's house (through the game Monopoly) at one point or another, but did you know that the elderly mustached millionaire is not exclusive to Monopoly?

In fact, Mr. Monopoly isn't even his real name. Created by down-and-out inventor Charles Darrow during the Depression-era '30s, Mr. Monopoly (or Rich Uncle Pennybags, if you'd prefer his given name) and the game he adores was initially rejected by Parker Bros.

So we guess you could call Rich Uncle Pennybags a self-made millionaire, as Darrow sold locally printed facsimiles of his board game on the street, making Rich Uncle Pennybags an illustrated icon for the people.

When Parker Brothers finally got on board in 1935, Rich Uncle Pennybags was already well known enough to front other of the company's board games. In 1940, he became the star of a game called Dig. In 1946, he fronted the eponymous Rich Uncle.

According to The Monopoly Companion, he was not added to Monopoly boards until 1936.


Mr. Monopoly is depicted as a portly old man with a white mustache and a top hat, dressed in a morning suit/tuxedo with a silver Monopoly Dollar sign [M̶] collar in place of his bow tie (originally, this was a simple red or black bow tie), holding a black I-shaped cane with a silver Monopoly Dollar sign [M̶] on a top-hat-shaped tip (originally a brown J-shaped cane), which can also be used as a wand. The inspiration from Mr. Monopoly's appearance allegedly came from the German-born American investment banker Otto Khan.


Mr. Monopoly is extremely wealthy, but he still acts fun and joyful. Throughout the Wii game Monopoly (2008), he announces numerous events (e.g. forming a monopoly, landing on Chance/Community Chest, passing/landing on Go, buying a property, rolling doubles, etc.)

Voice Actors[]

Mr. Monopoly has been voiced by several voice actors including Tony Waldman, Tony Pope, Wendell Johnson, Dean Hagopian, Mark Dodson, Larry Moran, Michael Cornacchia, Harry Aspinwall, and Rowell Gormon.

In the Game[]

Mr. Monopoly is seen on the actual game board as well as on the Chance and Community Chest Cards. He's also on the Speed Die. If you roll him, take your turn as normal and then move to the nearest unowned property which you may buy or auction. If all properties are owned move to the nearest one where you pay rent.

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