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Monopoly Party for PlayStation 2

Monopoly Party is a game of the board game Monopoly released in 2002 by Runecraft. It can be played Single Player or multi-player.

Single Player

In Single Player mode, the player can play up to 3 other computer controlled characters.


In multi-player mode, 2 or more players can play 1-2 computer controlled characters depending on amount of human players. (only 4 players, computer or human, can be in a game).

Types Of Play

Classic Mode

Players take their turn one at a time, as if playing on a real board. This generally takes longer than party mode.

Party Mode

In this mode, all players roll at the same time, impossible on a real board. This option is more common as games flow faster.

Board Variations

In Monopoly Party, the board can be 5 different variables. On each board, the names of the properties change, the tokens change and the look of the board changes. The cost of each property remains unchanged.

Classic Board

This is the classic version of the board, with all the regular tokens. While using this theme you can select from a variety of property names like: U.S., UK, German, French, Spanish, or Italian. This feature is only available with the Classic variation.


This is a futuristic-like board with a large spaceship in the center. Tokens include a Ground Rover (like a Mars Exploration Rover), a robot, a UFO, and an astronaut.


This board is guarded by tall towers and creatures of all types in the center. Tokens inclue a dwarf, elf, wizard, and a knight.


The prehistoric board is centered around a watering hole with the occasional dinosaur drinking from it. Prehistoric tokens include a caveman, Wooly Mammoth, and a saber-toothed tiger.

Ancient Wonders

When you choose the Ancient Monuments theme you find many famous architectural wonders, such as the Great Pyramids, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Roman Coliseum, and Stonehenge. Some of the tokens are a Roman sandal, Egyptian skiff, an Urn, and a camel.