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Monopoly Go (stylized as Monopoly GO!) is a newly released online board game by Scopely. Monopoly Go is the first ever mobile app version of Monopoly, where players compete to acquire wealth through stylized economic activity involving the buying, renting, and trading of properties using play money, as players take turns moving around the board according to their roll of the dice. The object of the game is to own every piece of property by driving the other players into bankruptcy. The game is named after the economic concept of monopoly, the domination of a market by a single entity. Monopoly Go was released globally on April 11, 2023.


In this game, players can move their tokens based on the number of dots that are shown on top of the dice. Landing on any properties on the Monopoly board will earn cash, but landing on any tax tiles (such as Income Tax or Luxury Tax will lose their cash. Players can consume more dice rolls using the Roll Multipliers to win even more (such as property rent tiles, points for tournaments and events, pick up items on the Monopoly board, and more). Sometimes, players can receive more cashes and rolls based on the Chance tiles that they landed on. But landing on the Community Chest tiles can add more cash to the chest, players can invite their friends to open the chest in order to win more money. Players can play the Bank Heist and Shut Down minigames whenever their tokens land on one of the four railroad tiles. Players can receive some stickers from events, tournaments, completing Quick Wins missions, and getting gifted stickers from anyone. Some stickers can be range from one to five star stickers. When one of the sets from the Sticker Album is complete, they will earn big rewards, and completing the entire album will earn massive rewards and a new token for their token collection.

Sticker Album[]

Sticker Albums are various sticker sets based on themes. In each album, there are 21 sets of stickers, each set contains 9 stickers, some of these sets have golden stickers that cannot be traded to other players (only two specific golden stickers can be traded during the Golden Blitz events). Players can also use Wild Stickers to earn missing stickers that they didn't receive. The current sticker album lasts around 3 months before the new one begins. Here are the list of sticker albums that we got so far:


Through the times, several events will occur in Monopoly Go. Some events can be rewarded with cash, dice rolls, and sticker packs. Here are the following events:

  • Tournaments
  • Partner Events
  • Milestone Events
  • Prize Drop
  • Golden Blitz
  • Cash Grab: a limited-time event where players can grab many Monopoly Moneys falling from the sky. It can happened when their token is landed on the Chance tile.
  • Cash Boost: a limited-time event where players can earn more cash from rolling doubles, landing on property tiles, etc.
  • Landmark Rush: a limited-time event where players get rewards when their landmarks are fully upgraded.
  • Board Rush: a limited-time event where players get more rewards every time they complete a current Board.
  • Wheel Boost (aka Color Wheel Boost): a limited-time event where players will spin the colour wheel twice.
  • Rent Frenzy: a limited-time event where players will get extra Rent Targets on the board, earning more cash from friends.
  • High Rollers: a limited time event where players can increase their Roll Multipliers up to x1000.
  • Mega Heist: a limited-time event where players can get a chance to win super big amount of cash upon matching 3 gold bars.
  • Free Parking Event: a limited-time event where players can get sweet rewards when landing on the Free Parking tile.
  • Sticker Boom: a short limited-time event where every sticker pack contains 50% more stickers.
  • Egyptian Treasures: a limited-time event where players can get numerous rewards and prizes by digging to unearth hidden treasures.
  • Roll Match: a limited-time event where players can earn more dice rolls when rolling a combination as shown on the pop-up screen.
  • Builder’s Bash: a limited-time event where players can build their landmarks which the reduce cost to 50%.
  • Social Connect-a-Thon: a limited-time event where players can invite their friends to the game to earn more dice rolls.
  • Tycoon Racers: a limited-time event where players can team up other three players to race against other teams to earn prizes.
  • Lucky Chance: a limited-time event where players can draw Lucky Chance cards when their tokens land on the Chance tile.
  • Piggy Bank: a limited-time event where players can fill up their piggy bank by rolling doubles and opening it to earn more dice rolls.


Showrooms is the collection of Tokens and Shields in Monopoly Go. Players can receive tokens and shields from various events to add them to their showrooms. To show the collections of Tokens and Shields, click them here:

Tycoon Club[]

Sometimes, few players will receive invitations in the game to join the society website known as Mr. Monopoly's Tycoon Club. Here, players can rewards from special offers and deals to add them in the game. Players can earn enough loyalty points using real money and use them to purchase sticker packs and reward packs. The more loyalty points they'll spent, the more progress will be filled up in the Tycoon Pass for prizes. They can also get them for free from the daily wheel and free gifts.