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Post-1991 $1 Note

This article is about the actual medium of exchange. For information on the a concept and use of money in the game rules , see: Monopoly Money

Monopoly Dollar, (represented by the currency sign 'M'[1]) shortened to "Dollar", is the main currency used in Monopoly. At the beginning of a game, each player gets 1,500 dollars, but his or her total changes almost every turn. Dollars can be used in any transaction, including buying a lot, buying a house, getting out of jail, paying rent, and making a trade. Dollars are added to the game when collecting Salary at Go, mortgaging Houses or property, or on some Chance and Community Chest cards. Dollars are taken away from the game when buying property and houses, unmortgaging, being taxed, getting out of Jail for 50 dollars, and finishing a game.

Denominations and Appearance

Monopoly money dollar symbol

In a standard set, money is as follows:

  • M1's are white
  • M5's are pink
  • M10's are yellow
  • M20's are green
  • M50's are blue
  • M100's are beige/tan
  • M500's are goldenrod orange
  • In Monopoly: The Mega Edition, a new grey M1000 bill was added, and only 10 are included in a set. Later printings changed the M1000 bill to yellow.
  • Following September 2008, M50's were changed to purple, M20's were colored a lighter shade of green, M10's were changed to blue, and M500's were a darker shade of orange.
  • Notes printed prior to 1991 do not include copyright information on the note's obverse.

Other Forms of Money

1930's Monopoly Metal Money obverse side

Besides the purely electronic money in Electronic Banking Editions, in the late 1930's, metal coins were sold by Parker Brothers in the traditional denominations (1,5,10,20,50,100,500) under the brand name "Monopoly Metal Money".

Many of the newer non-standard editions have unique versions of the notes; commonly in the standard colors and denominations but featuring Edition-appropriate artwork.


  • The phrase Monopoly Money has come to be applied to any type of useless or almost-useless currency.
  • Monopoly money has been referenced on Homestar Runner. (See Baltic Avenue)
  • In's World Edition, as well as the Here and Now Edition, a new symbol was added, a capital M with 2 horizontal lines in it. This seems to be the accepted symbol for Monopoly money.