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See also: Houses, Hotels, Skyscrapers, and Train Depots

Monopoly City features many new buildings with unique gameplay rules, including the buildings as a much more involved part of the game.

Building Types

Buildings can be grouped into the following categories: Residential, Industrial, Bonus, Hazard, Railway station, Stadiums, and Skyscrapers.


Residential buildings can be built on a district to increase that district’s rent value. However, if there is a hazard in a district, all residential buildings in that district are worthless and they do not count towards that district’s rent value. These buildings are colored gray (more like beige).


Industrial buildings are more expensive to build than residential buildings, but industrial buildings are safer. If there is a hazard in a district, all industrial buildings in that district are protected and they still count towards that district’s rent value. These buildings are colored light blue.


These small buildings are all red . These can be awarded on special squares on the board. These buildings consist of parks, schools, water towers, and wind farms. If a bonus building is placed on a district, no hazards may be built there.


These large buildings are all black. A hazard is awarded in the same way as a bonus building. These buildings are rubbish dumps, prisons, sewage plants, and power stations. Hazards cannot be built in any district with a bonus building.

Railway stations

These are red and have no cost, bring no reward but allow players to jump from one train station to another.


These are red. A stadium may be bought by a player for $2M once that player owns 2 building districts. Said player receives an extra $1M every time they pass GO. Stadiums prevent hazards, but there are only 2, so grab them before they're gone!


Skyscrapers double the rent that can be collected. The normal skyscraper can only be bought once all districts of any color group is owned and the doubling only applies to the districts of that color group.

The Monopoly Tower

The tower is the ultimate building. With golden windows and a large M on the side, it towers over the other buildings, rising about 4-5 inches off the board. This masterpiece costs $7M to build, but is worth every bit of it. This may only be built by a player with 2 full sets of districts. It doubles the rents of all districts owned by that player.

Other Buildings available only in Collector’s Edition

In the Collector’s Edition in the special tin package, there are 2 additional buildings. These buildings are colored green. These buildings are the Zoo and the Casino. Once you own 2 districts in any one color group, you can purchase one of these buildings for $2M. However, you cannot have both the Zoo and the Casino in a same color group.


When the Zoo is in a color group, it adds $2M to the rent value of all the districts in that color group. It may also affect a district that somebody else owns.


When you pass GO with the Casino in your district, you will receive additional money. Press the build button on the trading unit to play for additional money. If it stops at “1”, you receive an additional $1M. If it stops at “2” or “RR”, you receive an additional $2M. If it stops at “3”, you receive an additional $3M.