Monopoly: The Mega Edition is an update for Monopoly released by Winning Moves Games in 2006. The game was made by Winning Moves and licensed by Hasbro. Several new features are included. Players can get throught he game faster, gain more money than before, and, of course, bankrupt opponents faster than before. The new features are detailed below.

New Properties

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New Dice

The Speed Die has been added to this game. New rules have been made regarding the Die.

  • If you roll:
    • A 1, 2, or 3: add that to the normal dice. The Speed Die is not used in determining Doubles, but is used in determining Triples. If Triple 1's, 2's, or 3's are rolled, the player may move forward to ANY pace on the board, even Jail!
    • A Mr. Monopoly: Move according to the normal dice, and take that turn as normal. Before rolling again or passing the dice to the next player, move to the NEXT unowned property, which you may buy or auction. If there are no unowned properties, move to the next property on which you would have to pay rent.
    • A Bus: Take 1 Bus Ticket from the deck. If there are no more tickets left, or if you decide to, move to the nearest Chance or Community Chest space, whichever of the two is closer.

New Spaces

In addition to the above properties, 3 new spaces have been added, bringing the total new spaces to 52, with 13 spaces on each side. The new spaces are:

  • Auction: If you land here, pick ONE UNOWNED property for the Banker to auction to the highest bidder. If all properties are owned, move to the property on which you would pay the HIGHEST rent, the closer one if tied.
  • Bus: Take ONE Bus Ticket. If no Tickets are left in the pile, do nothing.
  • Birthday Gift: If you land here, pick ONE of the following: a free Bus Ticket, or $100. The choice is yours.

New Buildings

What's notable about Houses and Hotels is that they have been slightly redesigned. Roofs now featured detailed shingles and flat edges.

New Money

New grey-colored $1000 bills are added, bringing each players' starting total to $2500.

Bus Tickets

There are 16 Bus Tickets. To obtain one, roll a Bus on the Speed Die, land on the new Bus or Birthday Gift spaces, or collect one in a trade. These purple tickets can be used in place of dice rolls. When used, they are given to the Bank, NOT put on the bottom of the deck like the other cards. 3 Tickets are labeled, "ALL BUS TICKETS, EXCEPT THIS ONE, EXPIRE." When one of these are drawn, they are announced immediately and all players discard any Bus Tickets they currently hold. They may be used in place of a Doubles roll. These tickets may be used to travel forward to any space on your current side of the board. Corner spaces count as the first and last space of each side, however, this does not mean you can bypass Go To Jail if you are on the 3rd side of the board. If you are on New Jersey Avenue, for example, you can only use the ticket to move to Free Parking. Tickets are useful for avoiding high-rent color-groups, and, of course, getting an early bonus from GO. Bus Tickets may be offered in a trade, like Get Out Of Jail Free cards.

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