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Marvin Gardens
Rent $24.
     With 1 House $120.
     With 2 Houses  $360.
     With 3 Houses  $850.
     With 4 Houses  $1025.
With HOTEL $1200

Mortgage Value $140.
Houses cost $150. each
Hotels, $150. plus 4 houses

If a player owns ALL the lots of any Color-Group, the rent is Doubled on Unimproved Lots in that group.

The last of the Yellow properties, Marvin Gardens is the most expensive of the set. It is the only colored property that is not a street; it is a housing area outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is also misspelled: the real place is Marven Gardens, not Marvin Gardens.


  • Alone: $24*
  • Monopoly: $48*
  • With Houses:
    • 1 House: $120
    • 2 Houses: $360
    • 3 Houses: $850
    • 4 Houses: $1025
    • 1 Hotel: $1200


  • Printed Price: $280
  • Mortgage Value: $140
  • Building Costs: $150 each

Mega Edition

In the Mega Edition, Skyscraper rent is $2200.


There are some special facts about this one. In the UK Version, rent  is only ₤22, and ₤44 for a monopoly. It was $22 ($44 for a monopoly) in the original Atlantic City version until Parker Brothers changed it in the 1950s. Before then, it was the only exception to the pattern of the third property (second in the case of the browns/purples and dark blues) in a color group having the most expensive set of rents.

It is also the first property with pays at least $1000 in rent with four houses.