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MONOPOLY® Junior: Magnit Edition (rus "Монополия Магнит"; "Monopoly Magnet") is a licenced Monopoly game made for the "Magnit" retail chain, made in collaboration with Hasbro, Parker Brothers, and UNGA.

MONOPOLY® Junior: Magnit Edition was released on November 11th, 2020 as a promo-game in a Hasbro Game special offer.

The game is meant for 2-4 players aged 5+.

Game Contents

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Collectible token:
    • Shopping Cart
  • Rules
  • 19 Chance Cards
  • 4 two-sided Character Cards
    • Flat-coated Retriever on one side, Magnit logo on the other
    • Boat on one side, Magnit Family logo on the other
    • Car on one side, Magnit Pharmacy logo on the other
    • Corgi on one side, Magnit Cosmetic logo on the other
  • Monopoly Money
    • Comes only in 1$ bills
    • 90 bills in complect
      • $1 x 90 bills=90 dollars in game
  • 2D Cutouts of products
    • 4 cutouts for a single product for all 4 colors (players)
    • 16 total tiles x 4 colors = 64 2D product cutouts
  • 3D Map


  • Go tile (Gives $2)
  • Sweet Snacks (Sladky Perekus) (Browns)
    • "Vostochny Gost'" Walnuts ($1)
    • "Lucky Days" Chocolate bar ($1)
  • "Royal Küchen" (Chance tile)
  • Fridge (Holodil'nik) (Light Blues)
    • "Danissimo" Yogurt ($1)
    • "Prostokvashino" Sour Cream ($1)
  • Jail tile
  • Magnit Cosmetic (Magnit Kosmetik) (Pinks)
    • "Beauty Bomb" Cosmetic Set ($2)
    • "La Fresh" Liquid Soap ($2)
  • Fandomat (Chance tile)
  • For Kids (Detsky) (Oranges)
    • "Agusha" Baby Drink ($2)
    • "Tyoma" Biolact ($2)
  • Free Parking tile
  • Cheese and Milk (Sir i moloko) (Reds)
    • Magnit Milk ($3)
    • Magnit Cheese ($3)
  • Coffee (Chance tile)
  • Yogurts (Yogurti) (Yellows)
    • "Activia" Yogurt ($3)
    • "Chudo" Yogurt ($3)
  • Go to jail tile
  • Fruit and Vegetables (Frukti i ovoschi) (Greens)
    • Magnit Fresh (Oranges) ($4)
    • Magnit Fresh (Tomatoes) ($4)
  • Battery Collection Point (Chance tile)
  • Cash Register (Kassa) (Blues)
    • Cheetos ($5)
    • Pepsi ($5)


  • Receive $2 upon passing Go tile
  • If person has all properties of 1 color, the landing rent is doubled
  • Game ends if one person goes bankrupt
  • If there are 2 players in the game, everyone receives $20 at the start. If there are 3 players in the game, everyone receives $18 at the start. If 4 players are playing, everyone receives $16 at the start.
  • If somebody owns a product, it must have it's paper cutout with the owner's color inserted into the product's 3D model.

3D Map

The Monopoly® Junior: Magnit edition game has a 3D Map Cutout included. It is made of 4 parts that are detachable from each other. The 4 parts must first be folded into a 3D model first. Note that the 3D map is not connected with the board.


  • The rules is made out of smooth paper
  • The Board, the 3D Map, the Product Cutouts are made of smooth cardboard


  • The game is written entirely in Russian.