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Monopoly: Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition is a licensed version of the classic boardgame first published in 2003 by Parker Brothers and Hasbro based on the Peter Jackson movie trilogy based on the classic works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Not to be confused with the Lord of the Rings Collector's Edition

Publisher's Description

"Make the journey with the Fellowship and claim the territories of Middle-earth in this special edition of the classic MONOPOLY Game. Gather power as you move in and out of these territories, building strongholds and fortresses to secure your holdings. You may even acquire relics such as the staffs of the wizards. Become the most powerful player throughout middle-earth to be the winner. Includes 6 collectible The Lord of the Rings tokens."


One Ring to Rule Them All

The game includes a special token: the One Ring.

One of the two dice has the "1" replaced by the "Eye of Sauron"; whenever this is rolled in the normal course of the game, the One Ring token is advanced one space on the board.

If a player lands on the property upon which the One Ring Token is located, they can get it for free. If the property is already owned, then they owe the owner double normal rent.

Once the ring reaches Mount Doom the game is over and players calculate the value of all their money and properties. The player with the highest net worth wins.