'84 L.A. Games007 50th Anniversary Edition007 Collector's Edition
1,000,000 Edition1. F.C. Köln Edition1935 Commemorative Edition
1935 First Deluxe Edition1936 Deluxe Wood Edition1964 Standard Edition (US)
1965 Deluxe Edition in wooden case2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Edition200X Future Las Vegas Version
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Edition2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil Edition30th Anniversary Edition
3D New York Edition40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition40th Anniversary Edition
60th Anniversary Edition65th Anniversary 1935-2000 Edition70th Anniversary Edition
90th Winter Olympics Anniversary EditionAC/DC Collector's EditionAFL Premier – Carlton Edition
AFL Premier – Collingwood EditionAFL Premier – Geelong EditionASML Special Edition
A Christmas Story Collector’s EditionAachen EditionAberdeen Edition
AbileneopolyAbingtonopolyAdelaide Crows 20th Anniversary Edition
Adelaide Crows Charity EditionAdvance to BoardwalkAdventure Time Collector's Edition
Affton-opolyAgent P's LairAgent P's Secret Entrance
Aggie-opolyAix en Provence EditionAl Dallal
Alan Turing EditionAlaska's Iditarod EditionAlaska Edition
Alfa-opolyAlgarveopolyAlice in Wonderland Collector's Edition
All Blacks Charity EditionAllstate Main Street EditionAlpaca-opoly
Alsace EditionAlton Towers EditionAlès Edition
Amarillo-opolyAmerica's National Parks EditionAmerica-opoly
America Special EditionAmerican Chopper EditionAmerican Express Funds Edition
American Version EditionAmherstopolyAmi-opoly
Amiens EditionAmsterdam EditionAmsterdam Edition (2001 release)
Angers EditionAnti-MonopolyAntwerp Edition
Arabic EditionArctic AvenueArgentina Edition
Ariel EditionArizona EditionArlingtonopoly
Arlon EditionArsenal - Farewell to Highbury EditionArsenal F.C. Edition
Article of the MonthArtopolyAston Villa Edition
Astronomy EditionAtlanta Braves Collector's EditionAtlantic Avenue
Auburn-opolyAuction (rule)Auction (space)
Austin-opolyAustralian EditionAustralian Football League Edition
Australian Here and Now EditionAuvergne EditionAveyron Edition
Avignon EditionB.C.opolyB. & O. Railroad
BSA 100th Anniversary EditionBack to the Future Trilogy 30th Anniversary EditionBackyard Beach
Badbeard LakeBailout MonopolyBaltic Avenue
Basin StreetBass Fishing EditionBasse-Normandie Edition
Batman Collector's EditionBatman and Robin Collector's EditionBayern Edition
Beagle-opolyBean-opolyBeauvais Edition
BeaveropolyBen 10 Junior EditionBerkshire Hathaway Diamond Edition
Besançon EditionBest Buy Corp. EditionBetty Boop Collector's Edition
Beyond Boardwalk and Park Place (Alternative Rules)Beyond Boardwalk and Park Place (book)Bibleopoly
Bielefeld EditionBig Bang Theory EditionBirmingham Edition
Birthday Gift (Mega Edition space)BlueprintsBoardwalk
Bogenšperk (Property)Bond StreetBookopoly
Bookshelf EditionsBorinkopolyBorussia Dortmund Double-Sieger 2012 Edition
Borussia Dortmund EditionBoston-opolyBoston Celtics Edition
Boston Red Sox Collector's EditionBoston Red Sox EditionBoutique Edition
Bow StreetBoy Scouts of America EditionBradford Edition
Bratz Junior EditionBrave Collector's EditionBremen Edition
Bremerhaven EditionBrew-opolyBrighton & Hove Edition
Brighton EditionBrisbane Broncos WOW Charity EditionBrown Color Group Properties
BuckoplolyBunnings Warehouse EditionBus Ticket
Caen EditionCalifornia AvenueCambridge Edition
Canada-opolyCanadian Edition (1982 release)Canadian Edition (1985 release)
Canadian Edition (2000 release)Canadian Electronic Banking Edition (2010 release)Candace's Bedroom
Candace CrusherCandy-opolyCantabria Edition
Capitol Hill (Alternative Rules)Cardiff EditionCasino Rama Big Time Edition
Cat Lovers EditionCat in the Hat-opolyCentury of Flight: Aviation Edition
ChanceCharles DarrowChelmsford Edition
Chelsea F.C. EditionChicago EditionChicago White Sox Edition
Chicago in a BoxChile EditionChina Edition
Chocolate-opolyChocolate EditionChristmas-opoly
CirqueCity of Lagos EditionCity of Love
Cityville MonopolyClassic EditionClintonopoly
Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Collector's EditionCoca-Cola Collector's EditionCocktail-opoly
Community ChestCompetitor CardsConnecticut Avenue
Coronation Street EditionCorvette 50th Anniversary Collector's EditionCorvette Edition
Coventry EditionCoventry StreetCrazy Cash
Croatian EditionCyclone-opolyDIY-opoly
Dagobah- SwampDagobah- Yoda's HutDale Earnhardt Collector's Edition
Danville ArenaDanville ParkDark Blue Color Group Properties
DawgopolyDeluxe Edition (German)Deluxe Monopoly (Franklin Mint)
Despicable Me EditionDiceDino-opoly
Dinosaur EditionDisney Channel Junior EditionDisney Edition
Disney Pixar Cars 2 EditionDisney Pixar EditionDisney Princess Junior Edition
Disney Villains Collector's EditionDoctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's EditionDoctor Who Edition
Dog-opolyDog Lovers EditionDominicanopoly
Don't Go To JailDoofenshmirtz's Childhoood HomeDoubles
DrusselsteinDuckopolyDuel Masters Edition
DukeopolyDüsseldorf EditionEMS Edition
ESPN Ultimate Sports Fan EditionEarthopolyEarthopoly: Team Power Smart Edition (BC Hydro Opoly)
Easy MoneyEdinburgh EditionEindhoven Edition
Electric CompanyElectronic Banking EditionElvis-opoly
Elvis 25th Anniversary Collector's EditionElvis Collector's editionEnglish Heritage Edition
EpiscopolyErfurt EditionEuropa Edition
Euston RoadEverton EditionExpress Monopoly (Card Game)
F.S.U.-opolyFC Bayern München EditionFallout Collector's Edition
Family Game Night Championship Edition