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The space as it appears in pre-2008 versions of the US game.

Income Tax is the fourth space on a standard Monopoly board, placed after Baltic Avenue and before the Reading Railroad. Landing on the space will result in the player paying $200 in income tax to the Bank.

Space Overview

When a player has the misfortune to land on the Income Tax space, he or she must immediately pay $200 in income tax to the Bank (or 10% of overall wealth prior to 2008). As this is the same as the $200 salary obtained from passing Go, landing on this space after passing Go will negate the salary, which can be devastating if you are close to bankruptcy.

In versions of the US game prior to the September 2008 graphic redesign, Income Tax allowed the player landing there to choose one of two options: they could pay $200 as with newer versions, or they could calculate 10% of their total worth in cash, properties and buildings and pay that (For instance, having $2,300 in assets would make you pay $230 if you chose the 10% option). Once locked in the choice was final - the player was not allowed to change their mind if they made an unwise choice.

Also irritating is the chance to get the "Go back three spaces" Chance card upon landing on the Chance space in between the light blue properties: this takes one straight to Income Tax.

The British and editions only ever included the £200 option for Income Tax.

Some house rules mandate that Income Tax always be 10%, or some other value.

Here and Now Edition

In the Here and Now Edition, the space is worth $2 million (or 10% of the player's total; as this edition was released prior to 2008).

Original 1935 Edition

In the original 1935 edition, the tax amount was $300; the change to $200 didn't come until a year later.


In a few versions, such as the 1997 Star Wars PC game, the 1999/2000 edition, and the 2007 Pogo edition, the tax % could be 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%. In dollars, it could be $0, $100, $200, $300, and $400.

2007 Edition

The rule for Income Tax is in this version is identical to older versions, with the player opting between paying $200 or 10% of total assets. Due to the font used in the manual, some players may have misread the printed $200 as $900.


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