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A Thimble on Boardwalk with 2 hotels to speed up the game. This is not allowed under normal rules.

Hotels are red buildings that give the property the most cash possible for the player. The hotels cost the same as the houses; only you give up the houses for them. They command better rents; if a player lands on the hotel and doesn't own it, they could pay from $250 on Mediterranean Avenue to $2000 on Boardwalk if a hotel is on them. Higher-cost hotels, such as Ventnor Avenue or Illinois Avenue, could easily bankrupt players for not having enough assets to pay for them. In the standard game, there are 12 hotels. Still, experts may never do them, thus not only getting less money when other players land on them but also preventing other players from getting houses to try to win the game. However, this becomes useless if you are playing a version with the 88 houses option is turned on.

Before a property can be mortgaged or traded, the player must sell any buildings on it back to The Bank for half of its cost.