(Not to be confused with 2015's Monopoly: Here & Now)

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Monopoly Here and Now is a modernized version of the classic Monopoly board game. Released in September 2006, game play remains relatively unchanged, but almost all visual aspects are different.

All costs have been multiplied by $10,000, meaning players start with $15 million (instead of $1,500), and Income Tax is worth $2 million (instead of $200), which is also the salary players collect for landing on Go. In addition, Interest on Credit Card Debt replaces Luxury Tax, and is worth $750,000 (instead of $75); and getting out of Jail by paying requires a fine of $500,000. In addition, as this version was released prior to 2008, players may also exercise the 10% option on Income Tax.

The $15 million each player starts with is divided as follows: 2 each of $5,000,000s, $1,000,000s, and $500,000s; 6 $200,000s; and 5 each of $100,000s, $50,000s, and $10,000s.

Properties have been changed to famous locations around the USA, such as Times Square, the White House, Las Vegas, and the Gateway Arch. New tokens include McDonald's fries, a laptop computer, and a Starbucks coffee mug.

Utilities (Electric Company and Water Works) have been changed to service providers, including an Internet Service Provider and a Cell Phone Service Provider; and the Railroads have been changed to Airports (Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles, New York's JFK, and Atlanta's Hartfield Jackson).

A later version, the Electronic Banking Edition, was released as an update to the Here and Now Edition. Its main changes include different tokens (such as a Segway and a baseball cap), and, instead of using bills as in the original, money is stored on one of 6 cards. Money is added and taken electronically. In 2008, the World Edition was released following online voting for its properties.

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