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Goriška Brda
Najemnina 8€.
     Z 1 Hišo 40€.
     Z 2 Hišama  100€.
     S 3 Hišami  300€.
     S 4 Hišami  450€.

Vrednost Hipoteke 60€.
Hiše stanejo vsaka 50€
Hotel, 50€. plus 4 hiše

Če je igralec lastnik VSEH polj neke Barvne skupine, se najemnina podvoji na Nepozidanih Zemljiščih te skupine.

Goriška Brda (Pronoucation similar to 'Gorishka Behrda' [1] |for English speakers|) is the fifth property in the Slovene Edition Monopoly game. It replaces Connecticut Avenue for the game.


Goriška Brda is the third (the last) and most expensive light blue colored property.  It first appeared in the 1993 version of Monopoly: Slovene Edition (old one) where it cost 12,000 SIT.


  • Rent: 8€
  • Monopoly: 16€
  • Rents with Houses:
    • 1 House: 40€
    • 2 Houses: 100€
    • 3 Houses: 300€
    • 4 Houses: 450€
    • 1 Hotel: 600€


  • Printed Price: $120
  • Mortgage Value: $60
  • Building Costs: $50 each

On the board

Goriška Brda is the fifth property on the board (disregarding Utilities and Railroads) and it is located on the ninth slot in total. It is located between light blue property of Haloze (before) and corner slot 'Zapor/Samo na obisku' (transl. Jail/Just visiting) - after. The last property before Goriška Brda is light blue property of Haloze and first property followed by Goriška Brda is a pink property of Bogenšperk.

Real Location

This article is about Goriška Brda [2], big Slovenian and Italian hilly region (famous for its vineyards), which is just barely related to Monopoly board game.

As all properties in Slovene Edition this property is named by famous attraction or location in Slovenia. Goriška Brda (Italian: Collio Goriziano, English: Gorizia Hills) is a big hilly region, located in western Slovenia and North-Eastern Italy, near the town of Nova Gorica-Gorizia and the Soča-Isonzo river. It is famous for its orchards and vineyards, producing high quality cherries, grapes and many other fruits. More info [3].