Monopoly Wiki

Records for Monopoly Games[]

  • Longest Monopoly game in a treehouse - 286 hours
  • Longest game underground - 100 hours
  • Longest game in a bathtub - 99 hours
  • Longest game upside down - 36 hours
  • Longest game ever played - 1680 hours/70 days (Not an official world record)

About The Game[]

  • Over 5,120,000,000 little green Houses have been “constructed” since the MONOPOLY game was first introduced in 1935.
  • The total amount of money in a standard MONOPOLY® game (prior to September 2008) is $15,140.
  • The character locked behind the bars is called Jake the Jailbird. Officer Edgar Mallory sent him to jail.
  • There are 22 properties that can be built upon.
  • The most landed-on spaces are Illinois Avenue, B. & O. Railroad and Go.
  • You have a 64% chance of landing on one of the Railroads each time you go around the board.
  • There is $15,140 included in the game.
  • More Monopoly Money is printed every year than the real US dollars.
  • Monopoly took the name from the monopolies in the game.

Here some Food for Thought[]

  • In 1978, the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog offered a chocolate version of the game priced at $599.99.

Did You Know?[]

  • For over eighty years, over 480 million players from around the globe have played this extraordinary game.
  • Over 20 tokens have been cast since the MONOPOLY game was introduced in 1935 such as the horse, dog, car, elephant, purse and lantern. This does not include the tokens of alternative variants of the classic boardgame.
  • Monopoly is printed in 47 languages.
  • Monopoly was used to smuggle money during WWII.
  • November 19th is National Play Monopoly Day.
  • No one ever know how many versions in Monopoly because there are thousands of them.
  • Parker Brothers rejected Monopoly because it's containing 52 "fundamental' errors.

Pattern in Rent[]

  • The mortgage value of a property is always half its cost.
  • The site-only rent is typically $4 (£4) less than one tenth its cost, though this rule is breached by Baltic Avenue, Marvin Gardens, and both of the dark blues, Park Place and Boardwalk.
  • The rent with one house is typically $20 (£20) less than half the cost of the property, though this rule is breached by Baltic Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and the dark blues.
  • For 15 of the 22 properties on which it is possible to build houses, the rent with two houses is triple the rent with one house. The seven exceptions are Connecticut Avenue, Orange Color Set, Kentucky Avenue, Indiana Avenue, and Park Place.
  • For the 14 properties from St. Charles Place to North Carolina Avenue, the rent with three houses is 6 times the rent with 1 house, plus $140 (£140), rounded to the nearest $50 (£50).
  • The rent with four houses is generally close to, but never exactly, $210 (£210) plus 7 times the rent with one house.
  • For the 10 properties from Virginia Avenue to Marvin Gardens the rent with a hotel is $600 (£600) plus 5 times the rent with one house.