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Alternative editions of the classic Monopoly boardgame have appeared in media in the form of made-up editions or -opolies. Here are a few examples, with the media it appeared in, and the edition.


  • Bailout Monopoly - This "version" was mentioned by several political commentators, but then "rules" were actually made for it.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons - (Simpsons Wikia Page on Monopoly ) and (Monopoly Game on "The Simpsons")

  • Bill Gates' World Edition (Appears in the 1997 computer game Virtual Springfield)
  • Capitol City Edition (Appears in episode Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore) - Milhouse gave Bart a copy of this game as a souvenir from Capital City. One change, the changing of Baltic Avenue to Wayne Street, greatly impressed Milhouse.
  • Edna Krabappoly (Appears in episode Brawl in the Family) - relates to the character Edna Krabappel-Flanders, a teacher at Springfield Elementary School.
  • Funoply (Appears in episodes: Changing of the Guardian and Treehouse of Horror XXI. It also appears on the cover of Emissaries to Byzantium, a game the Simpsons own) - No information is available, but it is for "Ages 8 and Over".
  • Galip-olopoly (Appears in episode Brawl in the Family) - Relates to the World War I Battle for the Dardenelles.
  • Rasta-Mon-opoly (Appears in episode Brawl in the Family) - Relates to the Rastafarian culture originally from Jamaica.
  • Star Wars (Simpsons) Edition (Appears in episode Brawl in the Family) - Exists to prove the ubiquitous prevalence of the myriad varieties of the Star Wars versions of Monopoly.
  • Funopoly (Appears in episode Treehouse of Horror XXI and Changing of the Guardian) - Milhouse gave the game.
  • Bill Gates' World Monopoly (Appears in the video game Virtual Springfield) - Exists on Bart's wardrobe.
  • Krusty's Monopoly (Appears in the episode Homie the Clown) - when Krusty intended to sell.

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