Express monopoly cover 003

A different and simpler game than the Monopoly Card Game, this game is sold in a double card-sized pack with a jigsaw board.


There are 42 playable cards made up of all of the spaces on the board, and 2 Rich Uncle Pennybags cards.  (The game was made in 1993, when the character was still officially named Rich Uncle Pennybags.)  Those 2 cards allowed players to steal cards from another player.  There were also two other cards, one to be used by the Banker as a crib sheet to help them tally points, and the other as an advertisement for other Parker Brothers games.


Unlike the board game Monopoly, all the spaces on the board, including the corners, Chance, Community Chest, and Tax spaces, were parts of "monopolies".  The included 4-piece puzzle board had color strips on the outside of the board to let players know what spaces belonged to what monopoly.  (This was in addition to, and matched, the color strip of the property spaces on the inside of the board.)

Rules - Hasbro's PDF scan of the Rules


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