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Monopoly electronic banking edition

Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition is an update for Monopoly Here & Now first released in 2006. As with the Here & Now Edition, properties and tokens are changed to reflect modern times.

The Changes[]

  • Only 6 tokens: Segway, Space Shuttle, Baseball Cap, Flat Screen TV, Altoids Container, and a Dog in a Handbag.
  • Money is stored on 6 cards, rather than cash.
  • An electronic banking unit is included. The most amount that can be added or subtracted at a time is $20M, and the least amount is $10K.
  • Houses are blue, Hotels are silver.


  • There is a Version of this where there are 4 cards(Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) with corresponding tokens(Car, Jet, Dog, Headphones). It also uses a standard monopoly board with the banking unit in red.
  • The card numbers are: 000X 1935 2011 7070 (X is a number from 1 to 6. Each card has a different number)
    • The numbers refer to when Monopoly was first published by Parker Brothers, and when the edition was released.

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