Monopoly Electric Company

The Electric Company is one of two Utilities in Monopoly, is situated between St. Charles Place and States Avenue. It is among the cheapest properties, and buildings can't be placed on it.


Electric Company
Game Monopoly
Color Group Utility
Other Properties in set
Cost $150
Rent 4x Dice Roll
If 2 are owned 10x Dice Roll
Mortage Value $75
  • If ONE Utility is owned, rent is 4x the number on the dice which landed the player on the utility, but if BOTH Utilities are owned, rent is 10x the amount shown on the dice.


The Electric Co. will not make you rich; the average rent is only $28 ($70 if you also own Water Works). However, it is quick to pay for itself--once three players have landed on it, average rent plus the mortgage value exceeds your initial investment--so it is still worth buying if you get the chance.


This space has many variations: