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Electric Company is the first of the two Utilities and has the exact same statistics as Water Works, the only difference being position. It is situated between St. Charles Place and States Avenue. As a Utility, it has a unique rent collection system which is based off the amount rolled on the dice rather than the number of Houses or Hotels.


Electric Company
Game Monopoly
Color Group Utility
Other Properties in set
Cost $150
Rent 4x Dice Roll
If 2 are owned 10x Dice Roll
Mortage Value $75
  • If ONE Utility is owned, rent is 4 times the number on the dice which landed the player on the utility, but if BOTH Utilities are owned, rent is 10 times the amount shown on the dice.

Example: If you own one Utility and someone rolls a 10 to land on Electric Company, they must pay you $40 (10x4). If you own both Electric Company and Water Works, rent is increased to $100 (10x10)


Just like Water Works, Electric Company is not meant to bankrupt players. With a measly top rent of $120 ($48 if one Utility is owned), there is little to no chance that this space will pose a threat during gameplay. However, Electric Company can provide a steady source of income and pays for itself quickly. It is worth buying as a casual space that may generate income or as leverage for trading, but it should not be used to try and take large amounts of money from other players.

In the Mega version, there is an extra Utility called the Gas Company. When paired with Electric Company and Water Works, the owner can earn far more when a player lands on a Utility, with the highest possible rent now at $240, just $10 less than Mediterranean Avenue with a Hotel. If you are playing this version, try to get all three Utilities and enjoy the extra revenue.


  • While Water Works uses a realistic water faucet icon, Electric Company's logo is a crudely drawn illustration of a lightbulb.
  • Electric Company is 2 spaces ahead of the Jail space and Water Works is 2 spaces behind the Go to Jail space.