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Doofenshmirtz's Childhoood Home
Rent $18.
     With 1 Big Idea $90.
     With 2 Big Ideas  $250.
     With 3 Big Ideas  $700.
     With 4 Big Ideas  $875.
With INVENTION $1050

Mortgage Value $110.
Big Ideas cost $150. each
Invention, $150. plus 4 Big Ideas

If a player owns ALL the lots of any Color-Group, the rent is Doubled on Unimproved Lots in that group.

Doofenshmirtz's Childhoood Home is the second red property (second "street" in that color group) in the Phineas and Ferb Edition. It replaces Indiana Avenue.


The image shows Heinz as a lawn gnome. He references this at least three times in the series.