Dont go to jail

Don't Go To Jail is a dice-based version of the Monopoly game. Players roll several dice to collect properties. Each side of the eight property dice is colored like the board properties and has a score on it. When a monopoly is gained, the amount of points on the color group's space is added to their score. There are some sides of dice with Chance symbols. These may be used for any property. The other 3 dice are labeled "GO," "TO," and "JAIL," respectively. If all 3 are rolled in one turn, the player's turn is over, and they lose all points gained this turn.

Monopoly Express

Don't Go To Jail has been republished as Monopoly Express and features some changes. Among these:

  • Changing the Jail dice to "Officer Jones" dice.
  • Adding a green arrow to one Police dice: this scores $200.
  • Adding another die with buildings on it. This is only rolled when a player has a monopoly. If a house is rolled, $1000 are added to their score and 1 House is added to their score sheet. When they have 4 Houses and roll a Hotel, the $4000 is increased to $8000. If a broken house is rolled, the player loses one House. If the Get Out Of Jail Free side is rolled, one Officer Jones dice is taken off the board and placed in the player's hand.

Whoever reaches the target score first wins.


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