Disney Villains Collector's Edition

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Monopoly: Disney Villains Collector's Edition is a licensed variant on the classic boardgame published in 2008 by USAopoly, it features some of the vilest, wickedest, baddest villains in all of Disney history!

Not to be confused with the My Disney Villains Collector's Edition, which is a customizable variant of this edition.

Publisher's Description

"Monopoly; Disney Villains Edition Game lets you relive the excitement of all your favorite Disney villains -- from Chernabos to Ursula -- with this very special edition of the classic Monopoly; board game. Magic Mirror and Cauldron cards might make your dreams come true or they might bring an unexpected trip to jail. Use your Wishes wisely to collect the deeds to Disney Villains belongings; increase their value on your way to victory!"


Monopoly My Disney Villains Collectors Edition tokens.jpg
The tokens all relate to the headgear of the various villains:
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