Do-it-Yourself-opoly is a Late for the Sky version of the classic boardgame published in 2013, featuring places and things relating the the industrious individuals who strive to build.

Publisher's Description

"Is your idea of high fashion a well-equipped tool belt?"
"Is your ideal vacation one in which you remodel the kitchen?"
"Do you spend your night out at the local hardware store?"
"If you answered yes to any or all of the above, D.I.Y.OPOLY is the game for you. Even you need a little R & R every now and then! Gather family and friends and welcome them into your world of power tools, elbow grease, and sawdust."
"In D.I.Y.- OPOLY players buy, sell and trade favorite properties, then increase the property value by adding Tool Buckets and Hardware Stores. It sounds easy enough, but add a trip to the emergency room, a project you can’t handle, and an exploding toilet, and it gets a little more difficult, and a lot more fun! So choose your token and advance to “Get to Work!” Who knows? You may soon be elected Handyman of the Year…or you may get in over your head and have to hire a contractor. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be almost as fun as building a deck!"