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According to The Monopoly Companion, Community Chest was Atlantic City's "forerunner of the United Way." It is fitting, then, that Community Chest cards are most likely to give you money. In Atlantic City, Community Chest was located near Pacific Avenue. Therefore, it is fitting that one Community Chest space is near Pacific Avenue on the board. Community Chest cards are usually yellow and sit next to Free Parking. The treasure chest symbol on the board was not added until 1946. Before then, the space only had text and a much simpler icon.

Space Locations[]


The text on each card in the current (as of Sept. 2008) U.S. Standard Edition (the "Atlantic City Edition") is as follows, Differences in one or more previous editions appear in {scrolled brackets} (where actual texts were in various sizes of ALL CAPS, though this peculiarity is ignored below). Art in one or more of those editions is described in <angle brackets>. (Parentheses) are in the originals.

Difference in the UK standard edition should appear in [square brackets]

  • Advance to "Go". (Collect $200) <Mr. Monopoly goes to the Go space>
  • Bank error in your favor. Collect $200. <Mr. Monopoly falls back in astonishment as an arm presents a sheaf of cash out of a bank teller's window>
  • Doctor's fees. {fee} Pay $50. <Mr. Monopoly angrily brandishes crutches as he stomps with a leg cast>
  • From sale of stock you get $50. {$45.} <Mr. Monopoly, happily entangled in the tape of a stock ticker, waves cash (with no $ sign this time)>
  • Get Out of Jail Free. {Get out of Jail, Free. in previous US editions} – This card may be kept until needed or sold/traded. <A winged Mr. Monopoly flutters out of a bird cage>
  • Go to Jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. <A truncheon-wielding policeman in a light-colored uniform lifts a surprised Mr. Monopoly by the collar>
  • Grand Opera Night {Opening in previous US editions, not in the deck in UK editions}. Collect $50 from every player for opening night seats. <A wall sign near a flight of stairs reads "Opera Tonite - 8 PM Sharp"; Mr. Monopoly leans against it checking his pocket watch in annoyance>
  • Holiday {Xmas} Fund matures. Receive {Collect} $100. <Mr. Monopoly carries along a giant Xmas sock containing a sheaf of cash>
  • Income tax refund. Collect $20. <Mr Monopoly faints back against a man displaying the Refund paper>
  • It is {It's} your birthday. Collect $10 from every player. {Mr. Monopoly holds his gift and gets a M sign on the top of it.}
  • Life insurance matures – Collect $100 <Below an I N S sign stands a bent Mr. Monopoly, his long beard brushing on the floor>
  • Hospital Fees. Pay $50. {Pay hospital fees of $100.} {Pay hospital $100.} <A nurse holds out her hand for payment while Mr. Monopoly holds 2 swaddled infants, one in each arm>
  • School fees. Pay $50. {Pay school fees {tax} of $150} <A bespectacled schoolboy unhappily receives a head pat and a dime (Rockefeller style) from Mr. Monopoly.>
  • Receive $25 consultancy fee. {Receive for services $25.} <As Justice of the Peace, a stern Mr. Monopoly holds out his hand for fee from an embarrassed groom whose bride holds a bouquet behind him>
  • You are assessed for street repairs: Pay $40 per house and $115 per hotel you own. <Mr. Monopoly, supported by his near-ubiquitous cane in his left hand, holding a pickaxe and shovel over his right shoulder>
  • You have won second prize in a beauty contest. Collect $10. <Mr. Monopoly preens with a sash and a large bouquet>
  • You inherit $100. <Mr Monopoly holds his head as unseen people's hands offer brochures titled "Buy Yacht", "World Tour", and "Rolls Royce">

In the Grab and Go variant, instead of cards, the total of the 3 dice rolled determines the outcome.

Removed Community Chest Card[]

These Community Chest Card don't appear on the latest version:

  • Advance token to nearest Utility
  • Everyone must donate 10% of his holdings to you in cash
  • Grand Opera Opening. Collect $50 from each player
  • Go back to Baltic Avenue (Old Kent Road)
  • Go to Income Tax or Go To Jail
  • Life insurance matures. Collect $100
  • Pay a $10 fine or take a Chance
  • Pay school tax of $150
  • Pay your insurance premium $50
  • Receive for services $25
  • Receive interest on 7% preference shares: $25
  • We’re off the Gold Standard, collect $50
  • You have won second prize in a beauty contest. Collect $11

New Community Chest cards[]

In October 2021, The New Community Chest cards will be added in the Classic Version (replacing the old Community Chest cards)

There are 16 New Community Chest cards. Here is a list of the new Community Chest cards:

  • You set aside time every week to hang out with your elderly neighbor – you’ve heard some amazing stories! COLLECT $100.
  • You organize a group to clean up your town’s footpaths. COLLECT $50.
  • You volunteered at a blood donation. There were free cookies! COLLECT $10.
  • You buy a few bags of cookies from that school bake sale. Yum! PAY $50.
  • You rescue a puppy – and you feel rescued, too! GET OUT OF JAIL FREE. Keep this card until needed, traded, or sold.
  • You organize a street party so people on your road can get to know each other. COLLECT $10 FROM EACH PLAYER.
  • Blasting music late at night? Your neighbors do not approve. GO TO JAIL. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200.
  • You help your neighbor bring in her groceries. She makes you lunch to say thanks! COLLECT $20.
  • You help build a new school playground – then you get to test the slide! COLLECT $100.
  • You spend the day playing games with kids at a local children’s hospital. COLLECT $100.
  • You go to the local school’s car wash fundraiser – but you forget to close your windows! PAY $100.
  • Just when you think you can’t go another step, you finish that foot race – and raise money for your local hospital! ADVANCE TO GO. COLLECT $200.
  • You help your neighbors clean up their Gardens after a big storm. COLLECT $200.
  • Your fuzzy friends at the animal shelter will be thankful for your donation. PAY $50.
  • You should have volunteered for that home improvement project – you would have learned valuable skills! FOR EACH HOUSE YOU OWN, PAY $40. FOR EACH HOTEL YOU OWN, PAY $115.
  • You organize a bake sale for your local school. COLLECT $25.