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All 8 color sets existing in Monopoly.

A color set (or a color group) is a group of streets of a same color.

A monopoly (an economic term) exists when you are the only owner of a color set. Having a monopoly will give you the certain advantage in a Monopoly game.

Having a complete color set gives you an ability to build houses & hotels.You can raise the rent values of the streets by having the buildings. Having higher rent values of your streets in your complete color set can more easily bankrupt your opponents.

In Magnit Junior Edition, having a complete color set will double the rent of properties of that color. E.g. blues cost 4$ and 5$ respectively, owning both makes their prices 8$ and 10$ automatically.

List of Color Sets

In all editions of Monopoly, there are 8 existing color sets. This list goes in order to go around the Monopoly board from GO. As you go around the board, the streets (properties) and the color sets become more expensive to buy but more valuable to own.

  1. Brown (formerly Dark Purple)
  2. Light Blue
  3. Pink (Magenta)
  4. Orange
  5. Red
  6. Yellow
  7. Green
  8. Dark Blue