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The Coca-Cola Monopoly Collector's Edition is a Monopoly board game featuring about the soft drink company, Coca Cola. The main properties are instead Coca Cola's merchandise and collectibles. The pewter tokens have also been customized to match the theme. And the hotels and houses are now vending machines and six-packs. This edition of the game is no longer published.


Monopoly Coca-Cola


Houses and Hotels[]

The 32 houses have been changed to six-packs and all 12 hotels have been customized to vending machines.

Monopoly Money[]

Railway Stations[]

There are no railways but instead a random guy on the street is shown.

Chance and Community Chest cards[]

The Chance cards have been changed to the Coca-Cola Polar Bear with a red background. The Community Chest cards have got the Coca-Cola Santa on them with a white background.


Monopoly Coca-Cola Tokens

Coca-Cola Edition Tokens

The pewter tokens are:

  • A bottle cap
  • A delivery truck
  • A Contour Glass
  • A fountain dispenser
  • A Coca-Cola Polar Bear
  • An Original Hutchinson Bottle
  • A Contour Bottle
  • A Coca-Cola Santa


The Dice have also been customized. One is red and one is white and they both now have the Coca-Cola logo on them.