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The Monopoly: Chocolate Edition is an edible version of the classic game, "published" by Games4Motion, made out of chocolate.

Contents & Setting Up

The game comes packaged with a paper Monopoly board, 32 milk chocolate pieces, (property, railroad and chance pieces), and a spinner.
When setting up, the spinner must be assembled by clicking in the spinner itself onto a spinner board, in later versions the spinner was in the board itself. The spinner and board are then set up on the table, while the chocolate pieces get arranged. The youngest player starts first.

Gameplay & Rules

On each turn, the player spins the spinner to determine their action. If the spinner lands on a color or railroad, the player will proceed to put a corresponding property or railroad chocolate onto the matching space on the board. Once all two to three properties or railroads of a certain have been placed, the next time a player spins the color, they receive the chocolates. After all of a certain color has already been taken, any subsequent spins on the color will result in the player's turn ending. If the spinner lands on chance, the player must put a chance chocolate piece in the property bank. If the spinner lands on free parking, the player receives any chance chocolate currently in the bank. In later versions, the player will keep a chance chocolate rather than placing it in the bank, and the player's turn will end if they spin on free parking. The game ends when all of the chocolates have been distributed, and the player with the most chocolate wins.


As stated above, the game comes with 32 milk chocolate pieces, which are property, railroad and chance pieces. All of the chocolates are wrapped in a gold foil wrapper and placed in a cardboard property, railroad or chance package. The packages can be preserved, thus making the game replayable. Later versions of the game, only came packaged with 20 pieces.


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